Charlotte Gaillet

I am a junior at Kell High School

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My favorite subject in school is any type of science class.

I am taking the AP Biology course because I am highly fascinated with any subject dealing with science and I loved taking Biology as a freshman. During this course I would like to be able prosper in understanding the material and learn how to be successful in an online class. This course will be my first time taking an online class.

In the Future...

I am hoping to attend the University of Georgia for college and earn a degree in Pharmaceutical Science. I have wanted to become a pharmacist since middle school. I love the idea of helping people in need and medicine fascinates me. One day I hope to achieve my goals.

Some of the things I love...


I have one dog, Stormy, who is extremely special to me. She is a rescue dog and was found floating on a picnic table after Hurricane Katrina. Stormy is the sweetest dog and is quite spoiled by my family.

More About Me.

I have been playing the Piano since I was six and it is something I thoroughly enjoy doing. I also love photography. One of my favorite things to do in my spare time is take pictures!

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