RedBone Coon Hound

Mary Short


The RedBone Coon Hounds are natural versatile hunters. The dogs hunt in packs. The RedBone Coon Hounds are alert, quick, and able to work under in circumstances. The hounds follow scent and tree quarry, and also hunt raccoons, bears, cougars, and bobcats. The hounds follow a cold trail. The dogs hunt for there prey in swamplands, mountains, and some hounds in water.

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The RedBone Coon Hounds need lots of exercise, they need daily walks but the dogs do have a tendency to run off and hunt. Or the dogs need a big enclosed area so they can be active. The dogs are active hunters but are quiet and gentle inside.


The Redbone Coon Hound is very eager to please his commander. The hound gets along with other dogs, people, and children. The hounds are quiet, gentle, and calm inside the house.

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The RedBone Coon Hounds were brought to North America by the scottish and irish immigrants during the colonial times in the late 1700's.

Rich Red Coat

The RedBone Coon Hounds name came from their deep, rich red coat. The hounds stands around 21-27 inches tall. The coat is smooth, and easy to groom. There is a small amount of white on the chest and feet which is the irish hound back round.