Perseverance in a Nutshell

June 2nd, 2015- Zach Diaz

What is Perseverance?

Perseverance, a skill that everyone does every day, overcoming challenges large or petty and using character traits to persevere. Perseverance is defined as being determined and resilient to fight against major adversities. Many historic people persevered and showed examples of bouncing back from challenges. As Maya Angelou said, " You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, hoe you can still come out of it."

Problems and Solutions Leroy and Dartanyon Faced

Two very determined people who persevered are Leroy Sutton and Dartanyon Crockett. These two both had major problems in their lives. Leroy was a normal person until he was near some train tracks. Leroy lost his legs after a train crushed them. Leroy soon found a solution to this, a friend with just as much as a disability. Dartanyon is legally blind and he and Leroy use each other to overcome adversities and succed. Leroy would hop on Dartanyons back when they were together and would use him to walk around. Leroy began to wrestle, and Dartanyon was always there with him at his wrestling matches. They soon went off in different directions. Dartanyon did judo and went to the Paralympics, and Leroy became a father and did video game designing. Whatever problems they had, they used each other as solutions and look out for one other, both of them overcame adversities and carried on.

Eleanor Roosevelt's Adversities

Eleanor Roosevelt is also a historic person who showed perseverance throughout adversities by using many characteristics. Eleanor faced many adversities in her life such as, having an alcoholic father and an aloof mother, being cheated on by her husband, and her husband being paralyzed by polio and then dying. Eleanor Roosevelt preserver though these adversities and was rewarded with triumphs. The person Eleanor’s husband cheated with was Lucy Mercer, whom Franklin promised never to seen again. Another adversity mentioned was her parents. Eleanor was plagued by insecurity and shyness since her father was always drunk and her mother having no empathy. Eleanor became Franklin's eyes and ears after he was paralyzed and soon stop facing so many challenges. Eleanor Roosevelt was resilient and never let these adversities knock her down.

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Simple Steps Francisco Bucio Took in Order to Reach Success

Francisco Bucio is an example of another person who persevere, whom took certain steps in order to reach his goal. Francisco had a dream of being a surgeon, which then he thought his dream was about crushed. In the fall of 1985, an enormous earthquake struck while Francisco was working in a hospital. A large beam crushed his hand in the incident and took a while to get freed. Francisco was rushed to the hospital once his hand was finally free. The hand had no circulation which mean it had to be amputated, losing three of his fingers. Without his fingers he couldn’t perform surgery so he set out for a resolution. Francisco met Dr. Burke who could replace his fingers with toes so he can perform surgery. The operation worked and thus he was able to live his dream. Francisco was ambitious and preserve though a major challenge by taking simple steps.

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What we can learn from this is to never stop persevering even when the adversities are extremely impossible to defeat, to use certain character traits to help overcome adversities. Also never yield to your challenges.Not only that but inspire other people to do the same and reach their goals. All of these people were resilient and determined to succeed and never gave in. These historic people are persevering legends.