william and ellan craft

the people who hid in plan sight

this is william and ellan craft

William and Ellan craft where both slaves in Macon, Georgia.At the age of 11 ellan was given to another family as a wedding gift. this is were they would meet and plan there escape.
In 1846 ellan was aloud to marry William. but they could not live together though because they belonged to different masters. even though they didn't live with each other they still raised money and escaped, in december, 1848 the crafts escaped enslavment.

how did they escape?

they escaped by hiding in plan sight. ellan would pretend that she is a slave owner wile William would be a slave traveling with her. this was a very difficult plan, one worng move and they would be chought.

were where they going?

they where headed to pennsylvania which was a free state. but is was not that easy. the police would not let them pass until he had a paper saying that she owned William. when they finely got on the train they were free from suspension. they even dined with the conductor.

when they arived

when they arrived in pennsylvania they used the money they raised to open a shop and bought a house. they were finely free, but only for a short time.In 1850 Congress passed the Fugitive Slave Act as part of the Compromise of 1850. two slave catchers went there to try and get them. but the town of bosten hid them and they moved to england. they sellted in west england and lived there for 18 years. they also wrote a book called " Running a Thousand Miles for Freedom". In 1870 they moved back to the us, setteld in savana, geroga, and made a school that hired newly freed slaves.
A Slave's Story: Running a Thousand Miles to Freedom (clip)