The Sparkling Hooters Spotlight

September 2013

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Senior Team Leader's Corner

Happy September Hooters,

WOW!! What an August!!!! We shared this amazing opportunity with 70 new Designers who will begin their Origami Owl Journey. How exciting is that? This means that the Support in our Hooter Group just grew and you are all growing your teams and understand the importance of sharing the opportunity with everyone that you run in to. I am so proud of you all. I know for some sharing what we do can be scary, but like I always say 10 seconds of courage and NEVER pre-judge. Most of our hooters have full time jobs as nurses, accountants, attorneys. You just never know who will fall in love with this and run with it. Share with everyone.

Currently the Sparkling Hooters is a team of 330. Our Team Volume this month was $81000. Our third best month since January. Our second best month was when our new catalog came out in March and our best month was April during Mother's day at $139,000. These are all important numbers to watch. Reason, we can plan for next year and we can really see how things are going to explode going into the Fall selling season with a new catalog. WOW! I am soooo excited for all of you.

As you bring new people on to your teams, remember there is a that scary point for new designers as they order their kit. It finally sinks in that they are running a business and in order for it to be successful, they need to be in front of people. Booking and having parties DOES NOT need to be scary. Focus on this being a girls' night. Focus on sharing our amazing products and let them see how much fun you are having. If you can, attend your new team members first party. They can watch and learn from you and it isn't so scary. It is normal to be nervous. The cool thing is, even if you mess up, your guests will never know. You are the expert and little mess ups make you normal. They can see that, "WOW I could do this too."

I always tell people. FOCUS these next couple of months. It is our busiest time and REALLY the time to build your customer base. If you build your customer base, you will have people that come back to you for Valentine's Day, Easter, Graduation and Mother's Day. Roll out the red carpet for our customers. Let our team be known for making EVERY THING EXTRA SPECIAL. These are not orders, these are gifts. Treat them with TLC when you deliver to your hostesses and most important, FOLLOW up with EVERY SINGLE CUSTOMER that ordered from the party to make sure they are in love with their new Origami Owl gifts. :)

This team is going to rock the holiday season with sales, bookings, recruits and promotions. I am so proud of you all for all the love and support you show everyone. Our group is like a 24 hour help desk. We really have found a groove and people have heard of our team and join because they want that support. I love that. I can't wait to sit at convention with all of you next year and see how many of you are on that stage. It gets me excited already.

Who is promoting this FALL? Who is organized and ready for the holidays?

Remember ALOT of new stuff is going on. Lean on your team, leaders and myself for support. WE MUST stick together if we have a few glitches. We all don't know everything , but if we all know a little, when you band that together to help each other....WE BECOME AMAZING!!!!

You are awesome!! Dream BIG!! AND LET's ROCK this month!!!

Hugs and Love,


Sparkling August Top Sales

Top August Hooter In Volume: Connie Johnston

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Remember you get one point for every dollar towards CABOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Your Leading Designers

Walker, Diana

Jalik, Lindsey

Curtis, Emily

Beach, Linda

Hooker, Jessica

Revell, Jill

Gaudreault, Michele

Worthington, Lisa

Velencia Deslauriers, Michelle

Adams, Jennifer

Clary, Katie

Tompulis, Nancy

Ross, Allie

Woodman, Cynthia

Smith, Stacey

Trezise, Erin

Blair, Susan

Lusis, Kelly

Morrow, Kelley

Brown, Shauna

Gale, Melissa

Belvin, Brittany

Your Team Leaders

Bowers-Krueger, Stephanie

Butanda, Jessica

Davis, Linsey

Got More Photos?

Got more photos that we can add to the team newsletter? Be sure to message me with them, so we can keep our little photo album full :)

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Whooooo's a NEW Sparkling Hooter?

Welcome to our August Hooters

We want to welcome you all to Origami Owl and Welcome to our team. You have talent beyond words in this group. We are here to support you and cheer you on. We are so excited for you and the journey you are about to embark on.

Congrats to you SPARKLING HOOTERS for sharing this opportunity with 70 new Team Members!!!

Obroslinski, Jessee

Monsalve, Edith

Bolton, Jamie

Lujan, Belinda

Baker, Shelby

Seigrist, Melissa

Bastia, Emily

Kelley, Ariana

Congiundi, Jessica

Fredenburg, Kimberly

Breaux, Heather

Campos, Danielle

Gonen, Diane

Lapiers, Ashley

Jones, Lindsay

Beaudoin, Diane

Beck, Lauren




Thomas, Lyndsey

Blumenfeld, Suzanne

Neal, Stacy

Edmonds, Brittany

Broderick, Cindy

Torrieri, Stacey

Howard, Ashley

Crocenzi, Tiffany

Cranshaw, Cindy

Tenney, Caprice

McCreary, Chelsey

hart, shelley

Blackshear, Kelley

Verdo, Amanda

Morris, Becky

McClanahan, marta

Rosa, Jennifer

laurin, maria

Prentice, Wendi

Bearden, Olivia

Brown, Megan

Crary, Heather

Hamilton, Shelly

Carpenter, Billi

Roth, Katie

Montgomery, Tracie

Bedel, Jennifer

Keene, Courtney

Hammond, Heather

Sgambato, Kim

Springer, Brittany

Deaver, Judy

Gibbs, Tabitha

Moylan, Stefanie

Mansfield, Alison

Braland, Kathy

Fitzgerald, Heaven

woytas, christina

Reynolds, Michelle

Hardenburg, Michelle

West, Arlene

Parks, Jennifer

Monaghan, Malissa

Spoden, Kelle

Hilderbrand, Kari

Robinson, Jeannie

Petz, Jennifer

Anaruk, Kristy & Savannah

Campbell, Autumn

Stewart, heather

Thomas, Jennifer

Grifone, Melissa

Darin, Visanee

Nutter, Christina

Deane, Shelly

Robinson, Jennifer

Cahill, Sharlene

What's Happening Soon?

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Let's Get Ready! Here's What's coming up!

New and exciting things are coming this fall.

  1. The Incentive trip to Cabo. Qualification period started July 1 to November 30th. Start Booking parties. PV will get you the most points and fast! Are you ready for Cabo in February?
  2. Be sure to check to see all information about Cabo and the top 300. WE HAVE SOME SPARKLERS ON THERE!!!!!! CHECK IT OUT!!
  3. New Back Office System. This system will have a search system, an address validation system, auto save for editing orders, hostess rewards will calculate as you enter orders instead of at the end and the ability to download reports.
  4. New Catalog October 1st.
  5. New Products coming our way!!
  6. New Hostess Awards have begun.
  7. Teaming Up The Band Perry for our newest TAG Promo. Pre-Order Yours now to earn points to Cabo and Prizes.
  8. REMINDER: Check the back office in resources daily for NEWS FROM THE NEST!!
  9. Our Hooters are amazing. Be sure to drop by the team page every day to stay on top of what is going on.
  10. Team Call First and last Tuesday or every month at 7:45PM EST. The call is recorded and will be posted on our team page!!

September Training

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Holidays are Busy Time. Get over these hurdles when booking parties

In direct sales, when you respond to resistance the battle is first beaten in your mind then may be influenced positively by your mouth. Don’t try to avoid the resistance, seek to understand it.

Here are 5 common reasons people resist booking home parties for holiday shopping. Be ready and empathetic to their reasons for saying no, and offer ways to reduce the resistance through your mind shift and your choice language:

“Everyone is busy!” – Yes. it is a busier time of the year. Accept that people are busier but this is the time to think of services that help busy people save time. Bring some cash and carry wrapped gifts to the party and offer them to the first few who order those items. Offer gift bags for orders over a certain amount. Offers gift-wrapping, carry a sample to show how it looks.

“I am involved in a volunteer project or fundraiser.” – Offer a charitable tie-in – When you hear that someone is busy with a charitable, socially responsible fundraiser, recognize this is as a signal that giving back is important to this person. Suggest everyone to bring an item to donate to the party for the less fortunate. Donate a percentage of the sales on a designated item for a specific cause. Create an immediate connection by showing support for the cause that your customer is involved in.

“I am having family over for the holidays!” Entertaining – These are the folks that when you ask to book a party wince because they are having company for the big holiday dinner. This is a clue that they are already entertaining. Keep your cool and respond first by acknowledging that you realize what they are saying, “I understand what an undertaking it is to have company at your house this time of the year, however since your house will probably never look better… Have you considered throwing a post-party to help thin out all those extra desserts?” (Pause, read the body language for acceptance or resistance and continue if appropriate.) “We could do something that weekend and gather those who are available. If you agree, you would have a built in-group for a catalog presentation at the holiday dinner — even out of towners may purchase.”

”I am traveling to visit my family.” Visiting family – Carry a catalog and collect orders. Schedule your party post travel and take advantage of the holiday shopping season. Offer to give those who are going places a mini sample bag of products, marketing collateral or everything they need to gather orders. Plan a Pick-me-Up party for when they return. This is a set time when you will pick up the out of town orders and locals can then be invited to a quick Pick-me-Up party. This might occur in the morning so guests get a java jolt, some fun, and a quick, energizing presentation of your Top 10 Best Holiday Gifts.

“I have so many gifts yet to buy!” - “You and much of the world feel the same way. Creative gifting is my specialty. Would you consider a holiday shopping party and let me help you?” We can depart from our regular presentation and showcase our Top 10 gift suggestions. Gather 10 friends and ask them to bring their holiday shopping gift list and presentation will be done in 10 minutes.

Remember quick and easy for people. Create a TOP 10 Gifts sheet to help people order.

Direct Sales Consultant To Do List

Now that you’re a direct sales consultant or promoted to a direct sales leader / director / manager what are you supposed to do?

Below you will find a list of activities you can do. These are many of the activities that I do or have done. Some activities you will want to do daily, others weekly and others less frequently. You do not have to do all of these. Consider it a menu of possible actions you can take.

  1. Check email
  2. Post on Group/Team Facebook & Fan Page
  3. Post on LinkedIn
  4. Tweet, RT and reply on Twitter
  5. Update pins on Pinterest
  6. Check Work at Home forum for opportunities to contribute
  7. Write blog post on your own blog
  8. Guest blog post for others
  9. Label/stamp catalogs, recruiting brochures, envelopes, product, promotional flyers
  10. Compile business opportunity packets
  11. Review reports for team members sales, promotions, milestones, birthdays, anniversaries
  12. Send emails or snail mail to team members based on actions from #11.
  13. Mail VIP Specials to your mailing list
  14. Read policies, newsletters, news updates
  15. Participate in training – phone calls, video, webinar or text
  16. Send welcome emails to new team members
  17. Contact newer team members to see if they’re overwhelmed
  18. Attend regional seminars
  19. Attend annual convention
  20. Attend incentive trip
  21. Attend team meetings
  22. Set up product displays in businesses
  23. Reserve table space at upcoming vendor events
  24. Prepare for upcoming vendor events
  25. Follow-up on leads from vendor events
  26. Contact organizations about setting up fundraiser
  27. Promote online party
  28. Contact past, present and future hosts
  29. Facilitate home parties
  30. Create YouTube videos and promote
  31. Send out basket parties
  32. Sharpen the saw – read books, articles, listen to podcasts or watch videos for personal development
  33. Attend Toastmasters meetings
  34. Send random “I caught you doing great!” notecards or small tokens of appreciation.

One of the best pieces of advice I can give anyone just getting started in direct sales or in their new role as a leader is to Make It Your Own! If you try to run your business using your upline’s style, preferences or actions it may not be the right way for you to work your business.

Let me elaborate more on that. It’s also good advice that if you want to be successful, find out what those who have gone before you are doing, and do that. I agree with that, why invent the wheel? But, to get back to the previous paragraph of making it your own, don’t copy someone exactly. Think of it like plagiarism. You don’t want to copy someone verbatim. It’s okay to take an existing idea and tweak it to your personality. There really are no original ideas anymore, they’re just existing ones with individual spins put on it. Put your spin on things. You are amazing. No other team sparkles like us!!!

If your trainer, mentor, coach says, “Here is how you do it. You do A B C, and then you say X Y Z” take it with a grain of salt. Take what you like, and discard the rest. Use your up line’s information, and the list as a GUIDE. Consider it a menu from which you can select a variety of items, or you can take something listed and reinvent it to suit you.

See you at the top!

Contact Me!

I am your Senior Team Leader, your mentor and your personal cheerleader! I am here to support your achievements and your bumps in the road. I am not a mind reader, please communicate to me what you need and when you need help. Don't hesitate to contact me to set up one on one coaching. I only succeed when you succeed!!! We are going to rock this year...Together let's SPARKLE!!

September Rank Advancements

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(More could be added to this list when commissions are run)