Philly Phinz Summer Newsletter

Happenings at Philly Phinz!

President's Corner

Hi Everyone,

Summer is just around the corner, the kids are almost done with school and it's time for vacations and lots of outdoor fun! We had a great time PJ Whelihans in Blue Bell for the Kentucky Derby race, the winner of the horse race was American Pharoah and Sandy Joseph's had picked that name out of the hat and was kind enough to donate half of her winnings back to the club's charities. Thank you Sandy! We went to a happy hour with Beg, Borrow and Steel last weekend and had a great time at A Taste of Key West in Ridley Park. We are looking forward to an upcoming house concert on June 14th with Kelly McGuire at Connie & Joe Capozzi's home in Lansdale, this will serve as our chapter meeting/happy hour for June. Scott Kirby is coming to the Manyunk Brewery on July 17th and Neil and Regina Minnucci are hosting John Frinzi on July 19th at their home in Lansdale. July 26th is the date for our Anniversary/Pool party at Neil and Regina's home, we are having Beg, Borrow and Steel play that afternoon, so this will be an awesome event, stay tuned for more details. We are doing a couple of great community events in October, the Breast Cancer cheering station on October 3rd and the Buddy Walk for Trisonmy 21 program at CHOP and Down Syndrome on October 4th. This cause is very important to me, my nephew Michael who is only 7 years old and is the sweetest boy in the world, is afflicted with this. Usually the Breast Cancer Cheering Station is in September, but it's later this year and the same weekend. I hope we can make a good showing at both of these great community events. Stay tuned for more details. We are also planning a great Tiki Bar picnic in August or September and we will be firming up this date soon. I hope that you will be able to join us at some or all of these events.

Fins up!

Jeanie Dougherty, President

Welcome Aboard and Happy Birthday Corner

Welcome to our most recent members: John McGarvey and Joe Hytha of Beg, Borrow and Steel, Mike & Michelle Frascella and Bruce Costello and Kelly DiSilvo

Happy Birthday and Happy Philly Phinz Anniversary to the following members!!

Name Birthday Year (joined)

DeAngelo, Lindy 6/5 2000

Boykin, Ray 6/9 2010

Joseph, Sandra 6/18 2004

Minnucci, Regina 6/19 1999

Tucker, Dave 6/22 2014

Smyth, Paul 6/24 2014

Garttmeier, Dave 6/26 2014

Koser,Tracy 6/29 ?

Witherspoon, Lisa 7/6 2014

Craig, Deb 7/9 1998

McGarvey, John (Johnny Mac) 7/11 2015

Clymer, Karen 7/16 ?

Wasylkiw, Kathy 7/21 2010

Zielinski,Steve 7/23 2014

Sullivan, John 7/27 2008

Centanni, Darlene 8/18 2014

Schlessinger, Marc 8/20 1992

Kenney, Tony 8/30 2001

Sullivan, Becky 8/30 2008

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Scott Kirby at the Manyunk Brewery

Friday, July 17th, 6:30pm

4120 Main Street

Philadelphia, PA

If you want to get a table of 10 for this event, reach out to me and we'll reserve a table or two.
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