News From Room 12

November 11, 2015

A Look Back

We had a great time on our field trip to the Farm at the Children's Home. A big thank you goes out to Susannah Rauton and Gabrielle Serang for accompanying us on the trip.

A Look Ahead

This month in math we are working on teen numbers. We will also start addition and subtraction. In reading we are working on compound words along with rhyming words and letter sounds. In writing we will continue to use letter sounds to write words. We are trying to start our sentences with capital letters and end them with periods. In social studies we are learning about how Native Americans used the environment to survive. We are using the first Thanksgiving to compare our present lives to the past. In science we will be observing the weather and using weather vocabulary.

Thanksgiving Feast

On Friday, November 20 we will be having a Thanksgiving feast. We have been reading about Native Americans and pilgrims and how they celebrated their new friendship by having a feast. This feast will be in lieu of lunch. We will be making pumpkin pie and cornbread in our classroom. We will also be having grapes, sliced turkey (sandwich meat) and apple juice. You should be receiving a Sign-up Genius soon asking for help with this. Please sign up if you can.

Take Home Readers

Please have your child read their take home reader every afternoon/evening. After reading please have discussions with your child about the characters and the setting. It would also be great to ask your child what happened at the beginning, at the middle and at the end of the story.

Family Photos

We would love to have a family photo if you have not already sent one in. The children love to look at them, and see what is most important to their friends.

Dates to Remember

November 20-Thanksgiving Feast (no need to pack a lunch)

November 25-27 Thanksgiving Break (No School)