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Feb 11, 2019

Bright Bytes Survey Tomorrow during Homeroom

Tomorrow, we would like both students AND Teachers to take the Bright Bytes Survey. When the students come to homeroom tomorrow, please have this presentation displayed on the computer.

There is a QR code and a short URL for them and they can use their own devices to take the survey.

For kids without a device: If you have a kid or two without a device, please send them with a pass to the library to take the survey. Please do not send more than 2. If someone in your department wants to have a cart so that kids can come borrow a laptop to take the survey, you are welcome to do that; there is lots of equipment available tomorrow that you may reserve. Anyone who is unable to take the survey tomorrow during Homeroom is welcome to come take it in the library during Mega Lunch as well. Please make an effort to have as many kids as possible take the survey DURING homeroom.

Teachers and administrators, your survey can be found at http://www.BByt.es/CC4PT (see button below) it would be easiest probably for you to take it tomorrow, but any time you can take it this week would work. If you want to take it today, have at it!

Why take BrightBytes? The results from BB are used to make campus and district wide decisions about technology and training. I can assure you that the results are pulled out frequently and discussed in relation to plans for equipment and program implementation. With the district preparing to spend quite a bit of money on Technology following the TRE and Bond, the results of this survey will be especially important. Thank you for your help with this!

Don't forget Canvas 101!

You should have received an invitation to join the Canvas 101 course if you are a classroom teacher. This takes about 10 minutes (please do not write a whole history paper!) and it should be complete by TOMORROW!

I am so excited to show you Canvas! If you want to get started with your classes sooner, I am happy to help!

(English teachers please excuse my prolific use of exclamation points)

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Locked Mode for Google Forms on Chromebooks BETA

Everybody get excited! Do you like to give quizzes through Google forms? Now you can lock down the student computers while they take your quiz on an FISD managed Chromebook! This is a beta feature that our district is trying out for Google.

Here is a quick video tutorial

Written instructions if you prefer

PS- If you give a quiz in Canvas you can lock down the browser too. Just sayin'.

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DLC Webinars in February

We have a couple DLCs who will be hosting some learning opportunities for you in February! These would be during non-contract time, so you could document your attendance if you need to do so. There are some fun topics too! I am pretty excited to see what they are all about!

STAAR Released items in Aware

STAAR released items are now available for you in Aware when you build teams or tests. You can find more information here about how to add these items to tests. If you need help, please let me know and I can help you build a test!
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Want to learn more about Google?

There is an online course called Everything Google that just started- if you are interested. It is not to late to be added in- it is self-paced and you choose the topics that interest you the most.

If you want to register you can contact me and I will let you know how you can enroll.

Equipment Woes continue

It seems like every day someone is coming in looking for a cart that has not been returned OR which was taken without being checked out. This morning, FOUR out of six carts which should have been in C133 were not there.

Please remember that we are assigning strikes when we can figure out who it was that was supposed to return the equipment. If you get three strikes, then you may not reserve mobile labs or idevices for the rest of the school year.

Cloud Printing

Teachers can now print to MFPs from Chromebooks! A couple things to note:

- This is not available to students

- This only works on FISD Chromebooks (not personal devices)

- This only works on your home campus

-You can only print to MFPs using the Print-release_Q Printer, you cannot print to other printers.