Come Together To Help Stop Bullying

By: Emma and Cally

Skin Color Doesn't Matter

No matter a child's skin color they still get bullied the same.

Percent's Of Bullying

37% of kids say they have been bullied at school. 6% of kids have been threatened at school. About 7% have avoided places because of afraid they will get bullied. 40% of freshman report bullying every day. Seniors in high school report only 25% of bullying.

States That Are High Ranked In Bullying

California, New York, Chicago, Pennsylvania, and Washington are highest ranked in bullying.

What Students Do If they Get Bullied

Over 160,000 students stay home each day in fear of being bullied. And over a quarter of students have witnessed bullying.

Cyber Bullying

Most of the bullying happens on the computer but still it happens off the computer.

Extra Facts

Children with unequal power, can lead to other negative outcomes for both the bully and the victim.

So please help stop bullying!