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Rummy preview

Kavuntamani - Sir, Raza, New tairaktaru, film publicist cantippula Raza interview about the film's title kututtinaka ? Remember ? Director - Brother, it is a title that has forced us to come.... Fruit language they have no intention to cause a sensation, the film told the story of the title... Kavuntamani - rummy songs Maley above.... Director - And.. On seeing the title of this film is better suited than the other for the title of this film can not make the interview...

enne kututtirunten ? Match, right? Kavuntamani - to be unhappy. Antamma ketukkariyennu people... all this for a month to buy the title you want to spend time doing good story alaiyo alainnu alainca Ll be ready.. Director - enne, what 's wrong with the film's story ? Kavuntamani - Tossed love a hero, heroine, and her love will last not tell you again and again, another member kilaimaksla heroine tattittu ( making marriage ) go about it.. What is innovation ? Parttaccu the sample picture of one thousand...

Ada Director - Well, it vitunkanne... the hero, heroine 'll meet investors come into the iruppankale cinla 2 men wearing yellow color dress, what about that pecikkaranka Audience ? Kavuntamani - something Manchath vantuttamonnu pecikkittanka NLC film... Director - Well.. eppatinne of hero ? Kavuntamani - just do not say it.. good hpiritjla vecca lemana, 18 year old model talatalannu tamana..

But the film is in the story, screenplay emana amaincitucce you ? Director - kamana (COMMON) tanne What do you mean about the picture ? Kavuntamani - valinnu head to the movie title may Vechu. C B - Brother, a minute.... Kavuntamani - vantuttanta rummy songs vinkuna vayan.... Man.. Why have you now ? Colrakka about the film that you heard the good word ? Parankimalai jotila rummy songs film broke all the criticism of the film elutalainnu pakkara rummy songs Dog Who are you crying ?..

Civa head, will you ? C B - Brother, Image Review Now elutuna mirattaranka.. rummy songs she came to your head alal civituvomnu civattumnu I 'm civama rummy songs. Kavuntamani - Oh vilankatavane.. They come arivalota, cippota varuvankannu you think ? Yeah Yeah collittolai... Ada

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Vijay Sethupathy in Rummy

The verses, which have failed to appreciate the breathtaking view - 1. Yov, tiyettarla pannunkayya off all the lights.. Cinnancirucuka will do something.. inka rummy songs bottle harassing Vecha to put all the lights ? 2. Patikkattane mean to College ?, Where the book, pen, note rummy songs everything ? Teskkula veccuttu leave everything, sir...

Poor fellow, then what patippe ? Where can I study, sir ? 3. First I need to get divorced lekcararai doing this sort of advice. I'll often use our telanttai 4 am, rummy songs the opportunity will not wait kitaikkarappa.. 5. Day. Cencu cencu all the work you did on my kalellam tencu. Mother. Speak veccutu I got a marriage. Best of the rest you know. 6. Study kamapain panrennu velila poravanai nampitalam, but alone can not believe patikkaravanai patikkarennu door latch wearing.. 7. Man maple.. Is she someone you ? Cuppara is.. Only her pannitte you marry me spare you vitatuta vayittericcal..

Good hpirantuta... 8. Totakkutatuta none of my ball, totta akituvan he fail.. If you play alone.. besides how mirattaran poor fellow.... 9. Which kattukkarata interest is very important though. 10. Sir, I want to be tuned. I heard rummy songs that if a person is in a new director, Will ? Sir... Mani Ratnam, Shankar, so tell me if... 11. Mama, Do not You Love.. Why ? Hpeyilara Love rummy songs ? No, Love, marriage pannikkitten pannunavalaiye.. So..

12. Police kekkariye same question, why ? Just like a thief in response colriye Why is that? 13. Hero tries to touch your friend 's girlfriend Photo - Man.. Keep your hands off my man she.. Poor fellow.. Just rummy songs hpottota.. 14. Before I tell you her phone nemparai loudly, she pannuna You Call Love panrannu she means to you. She cappos conntu kekkalainna you ? Kekatavanu 'll remove ear.. 15.

Startled Sweat Dreams (SWEAT DREAMS) are sending the message NOW.. Sweet trimsta (SWEET DREAMS) Oops ittnai spellink mistekkotatan day had sent them all ? That sets you wrong evalum 16. Where is the rest of the cargo pattilla veccirunta here ? Vituta, are thinking Where, cintuna show space.. My vayla... 17.

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