Weekly SLAM Bulletin

June 8-12, 2015

Thanks for Rockin' Out the first week-

Whew-I have to tell you all, I was so proud of all our work this week! What a joy to see everything come together in a short few days. I am thankful for all your efforts and attention to make Week 1 awesome for me and above all--the students!!

Monday Motivation

The Best Motivation Video
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And now, what we need to know this week--

*Library books are in--they're sorted in the library

*Recess--at the end of halls are two radios-please take one out for recess so office can locate you in case of need.

*if you're going to another classroom for a guest speaker/learning activity, please call the office and let the office know where you'll be so if a student is needed for pick up we can locate them

*Acuity goals. I'll be checking in this week on where you are with your students and the 5 ELA and 5 MATH goals. I am wanting to know what learning activities/strategies you're using to promote gains and what assessments you're using to help guide your teaching advancements in those areas. I'm working with Doug this week on the Acuity end assessment we will take-more information to come.

*Innovation Day--what is your grade level plan on a product related to your theme to have your students report on for Innovation Day? ...utilize your Technology girls for help in this area if you're stumped.

*Please make be sure to take attendance, make your lunch count and send down your bus bag by 9 am each day.

*Lunch time-to give yourselves more time to eat, teachers get in the front of the line, get your tray and have a seat with your lunch boxers. I will supervise your line. This will allow you more time to eat :).

*Dismissal - since we're dismissing the kindergarten and their siblings at 2 o'clock with Stripes and Parks right around the same time, BUS BAGS will be sent out at 1:45.

*Parent pick up-parents are coming to check out kids often past the 2:00 time; please stay inside your classroom to hear if we need one of your students.

*Spend some time reviewing the ROAR matrix for the cafeteria. I'll be using the Tiger Toes to help promote positive outcomes.

*Excessive heat index-this week may be a hot one. For recess- feel free to double up classrooms and have inside recess. You can do a 30 minute entertainment video. Remember to include some type of movement into your brain breaks...get those wiggles out.

*Tomorrow afternoon is the last day to let me know about field trips. Email me your itinerary and lunch counts song can set up transportation. You'll need to send parents a permission slip. Lunch counts can be high on need because they are free. I recommend having a few extra lunches on a trip for snacks and students who have lunches missing the main course ;)