Life of the Holocaust

Concentration Camps By: Delaynee G. & Starr P.

Question 1:

Q: Identify how many Concentration Camps their were?

A: 2,000 Concentration Camps, 50 were Major Camps.

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This is a map of SOME the Concentration Camps.

Question 2:

Q: Describe how many prisoners escaped.

A: 7,000 tried but did not make it, 3,000 just made a run for it and made it.

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This is a carring away dead people from the death camps to burn their bodys. Concentration Camp, Dachau

Question 3:

Q: Identify some of the plans for the prisoners to escape.

A: Many got so desperate that they made no plans, they just ran as fast as they could.

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Thousands of the Nazis Army


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