2nd Grade Update

September 22

Classroom Rules

*Treat others the way you want to be treated
*Be safe
*Be responsible
*Be prepared
*Have fun

Logical Consequences

*taking a break
-in class
-out of class
*take away a privilege
-respectful, relevant, and realistic (ex: If you do not use a material correctly, you may
not use it next time)
*fix what was broken
-clean up your mess
-repair relationships
-right the wrong

The Power of Community

-Between parents and students
-Between parents and teachers
-Between students and teachers

Respect and Support:
-That we all want what is best for my students and your children
-That issues are handled according to handbook guidelines and with discretion
-- Confidentiality (I will not discuss your child with another parent, just as I will not
discuss another child with you.
-That I am here for your child and you
--Please let me know if your child reports something at home that they didn't
mention here so I can address it.

Community Roles and Collaboration

-Students are responsible for their learning.
*They need to be willing to work hard.
*They need to be resilient and not give up.
*They need to participate to succeed.

-I am responsible for my learning.
*I attend meetings and seminars to keep up with educational news, trends, and best
*I take workshops and classes to continue growing as a lifelong learner.

-Students empower each other by working together, reading together, sharing strategies,
and celebrating each other's successes.
-I am a facilitator of learning.
* I present ideas and guide discovery.
* I make sure students have quality lessons and materials.
* I encourage risk-taking, problem-solving, and critical thinking by using guiding
questions and prompts.

Collaborate with us!

*Contact me to schedule a visit
*Check out our class Twitter page:
*Check our class webpage:
(linked off "Students" tab on Yancey's website)
*Email me with any questions, concerns, shout-outs, or issues.
*Let your child share their writing with you via e-mail from Google (free sign-up)