Animal Neglecting

By: Regina Clark

People should raise money to protect animals. Animals are abused.Why should animal be abuse? I all the animals dogs are beaten the most. Then, cats. Last, other animals. Thirty-two percent of animals that are abused are not being taken care of or are left alone. Some people hoard animals, and that’s abuse, too. Some people just shoot animals, and some use animals for fighting. Lastly, 7% of abused animals are being beaten. Animals are going extinct. There are many endangered animals. Oregon spotted frog is one of the endangered species and so are the Atlantic titi from South America. Over 100 species go extinct every day.

Animals are being neglected. Why are animals being neglected? Neglected means not taking care of animals. The U.S.A says that animal neglecting needs to stop the animals having to suffer too long. The U.S keeps records. More than 30% animals get neglected. Some people who don't take care of their animals go to jail. Stop neglecting. you are saved but who is going to save them stop animal neglecting.