Cyber Bullying

By Destiny Rhodes-James


Bullying is a behavior that is meant to be harmful, targets a person of group of people, happens more then once and embarrasses, threatens or intimidates the person being bullied. It may happen in person but can be done online over social media sites. Cyber bullying happens at least every few weeks to about one in 10 young people, and workplace bullying is also a common experience reported by young people.

Social Media Bullying

Social media bullying can happen on the following sites (Facebook, Twitter, kik etc) these are just some of the sites that can be used for bullying.
Cyber Bullying Virus

International Bullying Day

Tuesday, Aug. 11th, 10:15pm

1 Dawson Street

Lismore, NSW

This is a day all around the world that tells people that Bullying is bad and can emotionally scare a person or group of people.