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  • Panthers first Superbowl,Superbowl XXXVII.
  • There first game they take the field with solid vetran players.
  • There first season took place in 1995.
  • Coach richardson jumped at the opportunity to have bill polian on his team.
  • There first season they had a amazing winning streak.
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1995 winning streak

  • In there first NFL season they had a record setting winning streak.
  • They beat the New York Jets 26-15 in 1995.
  • There best win was the outstanding upset against the Super Bowl champion 49rs 13-7.
  • Sadly later that season they lost there season finale 20-17 to the redskins.
  • With a .500 record however at 7-9 they posted the record for a expansion team.
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Cam Newton

  • Drafted by panthers in 2011.
  • played college football for auburn.
  • Cam newton was born may 11 atlanta,GA.
  • He has two siblings cecil newton,caylin newton.
  • Cam Newton is 6,5 popular for dabbing.
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Cam Newton: A BIG Little Kid! | NFL Now


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