Macbeth's Downfall


Macbeth's Downfall

Literary Devices:

1. Dynamic Character: " The Civil War will end, and they will meet Macbeth.''(Shakespeare Act 1 Scene 1). If there was no dynamic character there basically wouldn't be a story.

2. Static Character: " Three witches enter and speak of what they know will happen this day:"(Shakespeare Act 1 Scene 1).

3.Tragedy: " I go it is done. The bell invites me. Hear it not Duncan for it is a knell that summons thee to heaven or hell." (Shakespeare Act 2 Scene ).

The Downfall of Macbeth

There has been much speculation around the Macbeth play as to who is the one that caused Macbeth’s downfall and mutinous ways. Some could argue that the witches did, or perhaps even his own conscience, But the most impactful person on Macbeth was indeed his wife: Lady Macbeth.

Lady Macbeth had the biggest impact on Macbeth’s downfall due to the fact that she was the one who basically forced Macbeth into killing Duncan, which I believe was the cause of Macbeth's downfall and murderous rampage.

In the play, there are many sequences when Lady Macbeth is pushing Macbeth into killing Duncan, this in turn caused Macbeth to basically in easier terms, “ Go Crazy”.

For example, towards the end of Act 2, Scene 1 Macbeth is still not convinced that he should kill Duncan, but then is finally forced to kill him by his wife. In Macbeth she tells him,"When you durst do it then you were a man; And to be more than what you were,you would Be so much more the man."( Shakespeare Act 2 Scene 1). In this quote lady macbeth basically tries to use his masculinity to manipulate him into killing duncan. This indeed works.

Also another example of how Macbeth is driven crazy by his wife is after he killed Macbeth have a dinner. At the dinner Macbeth see's the ghost of Banquo and goes crazy. This also kind of ties into the first piece of evidence. In Macbeth by Shakespeare, Lady Macbeth says," Sit worthy friends. My lord is often thus, And hath been from his youth . Pray you keep seat. The fit is momentary; upon a thought He will again be well. If you note him, You shall offend him and extend his passion. Feed, and regard him not. Are you a man?" ( Shakespeare Act 3 scene 4). This quote is another example of how Macbeth goes crazy because of what his wife makes him do, in this case kill Duncan.

One more way Lady Macbeth causes her husbands downfall is because in the beginning when she convinced Macbeth to kill Duncan it later causes him to feel guilt and remorse, and ultimately, depression. In Macbeth by Shakespeare, Macbeth says , "This is a sorry sight." ( Shakespeare Act 2 scene 2).

These three pieces of textual evidence are was that Lady Macbeth caused Macbeth's downfall emotionally and mentally, and later in the story physically.

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Explanations of pictures

Both of these pictures kinda have the same connection to Macbeth. Lady Macbeth is a very commanding wife in the play. These pictures demonstrate that.