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August Newsletter

Your #1 Source for Fitness, Triathlon, and Competitive Swimming

Welcome to our new members!!

- Brent Bentrim- MLK

- Kenneth Immer- Danny Jones

- Mark Cecil

#1 Source for fitness, triathlon, and competitive swimming

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The Growler Invitational

Registration is now open for the Growler Invitational!  Click on the link below to sign up!  We really need as many people as possible to sign up and swim.  We have posters to be displayed and press releases ready to go.  We have great giveaways for everyone registering, cool prizes, an awesome social planned at Liberty Grill and fun relays!  You will not want to miss it.  If you are not able to swim but would like to volunteer, we could use your assistance.  We are in need of 12-16 timers for the Friday 3:00 session.  If you or a friend/spouse/significant other is able to help, please email  and let me know.

Palmetto Masters Family Picnic

Saturday, Aug. 30th, 1pm

1885 Omni Blvd

Mt Pleasant, SC

This is our annual family picnic. We will provide the main course. You should have received an email from Sign Up Genius to RSVP and sign up to bring something to share. We will have a big waterslide for the kid and adults. Mike lives on the water so paddle boards, kayaks and fishing are welcome but there is gator who lives there. Swimming in NOT recommended. Don't miss out!! This is a gated community. The code to enter is #2337 (you must put the # in with the code).

Lunch Laps at LTP!!

This is the newest practice time for Palmetto Masters! "Lunch Laps" is a coached workout at the LTP location from 12p-1p on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If we want it to stay, we need to support it. Spread the word!!

This is how awesome Palmetto Masters is!!

This was an email I received from a visitor from out of town:


I was fortunate to be able to enjoy a relaxing vacation with my family on IOP this summer in June. During my stay, I contacted you concerning practicing with your Masters group at LTP pool. I was so impressed with Coach Lance and the quality Masters swimmers that attend your program. Thank you for making practices available to visitors. Since coming back home I have raved to other Masters swimmers about your program. I greatly appreciated your receptiveness to my brief stay. I am thankful for the opportunity to get in a couple quality workouts before my family drug me down to the beach.


Justin Reeves

Palmetto Masters are making waves even at the Sprint Triathlon Series

Congrats to Everyone!!

July 6th

- Brandon Rattigan

-David Parler

-Ed Demaree

-Renee Esch

-Megan Dodson

- Jay Upchurch- 2nd overall men

-Lisa Jones- 1st 50-54 women

-John McGue 3rd 50-54 men

July 25th

- Lade Lamina

-John McGue

-David Parler

-Sandy O'Keefe 1st overall women

-Carole Murray 2nd overall women

-Jacob Driggers 3rd overall men

- Brandon Rattigan 2nd 20-24 men

-Kirsten Davidson 1st 25-29 women

-Jennifer Long 1st 45-49 women

-Lisa Jones 1st 50-54 women

-Susan Lipsey 1st 55-59 women

Swim to Nepal

It’s more than just swimming!! Amy Hines is raising money to pursue her calling in Nepal through an organization called MountainChild. MountainChild exists to empower Himalayan children with the skills to become carriers of hope to their people. The children of Nepal suffer from severe medical, social, educational, environmental challenges, and many are sold into sex trafficking. They are considered fortunate if they live to see their early adolescence. Research indicates that over half will die before reaching their eighth birthday, which is most vividly demonstrated by the gripping fact that many parents will not name their children until the child reaches the age of five. Statistics show that one out of every five children born in the remote areas of the Himalayas will die before the age of one. Amy wants to help improve the lives of these children through MountainChild by bringing food, medical aid, education and love to children who have little chance of survival amongst such hostile conditions. A swim-a-thon was planned and carried out with the following results! Palmetto Masters with the help of neighbors and local businesses, raised $5240 to help bring Hope to the families and children of Nepal with A total of 110,625 yards was swam =67.04 miles. Great job team!!

Upcoming Elections!!

There will be a box at the family picnic for you to submit nominations for the following positions:

- President

- VP/Team Registrar

- Secretary

- Social Chair

Thank you to all of our sponsors for the Growler Invitational!!

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Thanks for reading and look forward to seeing you at the meet!!