Transition Plus November 26

-------------------We rise by lifting others----------------

A friendly reminder: If you have information that needs to go out to the whole staff, and it can wait until Monday, submit it to be included in the MMM. We are trying to cut down on all staff emails.

Navigating in our New Space

We are sharing spaces with Adult Education. We have already had two reports of negative interactions with AE staff. Please remember we are all here to help students and courteous interactions are expected among staff. There may be times when staff from AE is offering help and it is ok to decline but do so in a polite/courteous way. Some of our students may be new to AE staff and we may need to help educate them on who are students are.

All staff please be available as students enter today. There is going to be a lot of student traffic. Please help our students navigate with our new neighbors.

Staff are NOT to use the bathrooms on Adult Education side of the building.

Meditation Room

  • The Meditation room is the only room individuals should be using
  • Do not use another room not intended for this function.
  • Please bring your own mat/rug with you.

Staff Break Room

  • Please remember to lock the staff break room when leaving it.
  • Clean up after yourselves, do not leave dirty dishes for someone else to do.
  • Wipe up your table/area when done and throw out your trash

Food & Drink

  • Please limit food and drink in offices and hallways
  • Meals should be eaten in lunchrooms/breakroom
  • No open cups in the hall- all cups should have lids (there have already been coffee spills in the hallway- if this continues we may put more limits on drinks)

Please use stairwell C- Stairwell A is for Adult Ed students and staff


  • Surface lot is for assigned staff, visitors and trades.
  • Reserved spots 3 & 4 are for trades vehicles
  • Reserved spots 1 & 2 are for specific district level staff
  • Damaged, lost or misplaced Y parking pass cost $15 per YWCA

Building/ T-Plus Access

  • Staff should be wearing their badges at all times
  • Staff should use 03 key or swipe badge to enter Lunchroom door, Door 1 or Door 6.
  • Damaged, lost or misplaced swipe badge is $10 per District
  • Apartment and Quiet room can be reserved by contacting Melissa.Can either be used for staff or students to pray or breastfeeding if available at requested time?

CBI Round 3

Teachers, with only one week of CBI Round 2 left, please confirm your Round 3 plans with Colleen. Some Modules are already listed in the "3 December 7" sign-up spreadsheet in the CBI Friday Resources Folder.

Please include the following in your communication:

  • Teacher Partnerships
  • 1-2 sentence description of Module and intended audience
  • Dec 7: Activity
  • Dec 14: Activity
  • Dec 21: Activity
  • Jan 11: Activity
  • Jan 18: Activity

Teachers who are not facilitating modules, please check in with Tom, Greg and Patricia this week for tips on how to make the afternoon activities run smoothly (you may even want to do an "internship" on Nov 30th).

Ordway opportunity!

On Friday, November 30, we have an opportunity to go to the Ordway to see Nachito Herrera perform Afro-Latin Renaissance music!!

10 tickets total - 3 per team.

First come first serve on Nov 27.

Please send students who haven't yet had the opportunity to go. Email Colleen

Accuplacer Testing

Accuplacer testing will be held during 1st, 2nd, and 3rd hour on Wednesday, November 28th.

Sign-up sheets are outside of Rachel's office, room T314.

The test will be administered on laptops in the Engagement Room, room T312.

MPS Job Fair

MPS needs YOU to create safe and welcoming environments for learning. Join us to learn more and apply. Come take on a job that will make a difference in kids’ lives.

Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Headquarters 2117 West River Road N. Minneapolis, MN 55411 Date: November 27 From: 3:30pm – 7:00pm

Questions? For more information, please contact MPS Human Resources at or call 612.668.0528.

Staff will be available to talk about the right Career Path for YOU!

Minneapolis Public Schools 612.668.0500

Receive a Job Offer at the Job Fair!

• Custodians

• Food Service/Nutrition Workers

• Bus Drivers

• Child Care Workers (before and after school)

Please bring three (3) copies of your resume to share with hiring managers.

Sign Out - Please remember to sign out when you leave the building and sign back in. For safety reasons, it is important to know who is in the building at all times.

Lost Prep - If you are securing coverage for your class in the event you need to leave, the absence must be posted on AESOP in order for those teacher(s) to receive Lost Prep payment.

Remember - Those covering can only get paid for 1 period per day. Only licensed staff should cover your room unless you have approval from Jason for alternative coverage.

Time off- Please fill out time off request forms with as much notice as possible.

Keys/Badges- When entering the main doors of the building you can either swipe your badge to unlock the door or use your 03 key.

RAK Funds

Our Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) funds are available. RAK funds have been given to MPS schools by the Kopp Foundation to support students in emergency and high need situations to allow students to attend school with less stress.

We have a limited amount of funds for the entire year. These funds can be used for such items as clothing, supplies and other necessary items.

Case managers may request funds using the RAK request form (attached and in the office), and submit to their social worker for approval. Directions are on the request form.

See a social worker with any additional questions.

Please place your trash cans outside your doors at the

end of the day.

This makes the engineers job easier!

Picture Retake Day

Picture Retake Day is Wednesday December 5th

Pictures will be taken in the model apartment

Classes scheduled in there on Wednesday will be relocated for the day

Entering holiday time in ESS:

ESP staff should enter holiday pay for November 22 and 23. You may use vacation time for November 21 if you have enough time accumulated or simply enter nothing for the 21st.

Grant Opportunity

As of Oct. 1, CenturyLink is accepting grant applications for the CenturyLink Teachers and Technology Grants program with a purpose to identify and support teachers and projects that bring technology into the classroom in an innovative manner.

Grants are available to full-time public and private school teachers in grades PreK-12 operating in a CenturyLink service area. Schools do NOT need to be a CenturyLink customer in order to apply for a grant and no special consideration will be given to any school, regardless of customer status. Grants will be awarded up to $5,000 per project and applicants will provide a summary of their project, a budget and a detail on the impact they think this project/purchase will have in their classroom.

Applications may be submitted online at through Jan. 12, 2019. Grants will then be awarded and presented to schools and teachers in-person April 1 - May, 2019.

Work Based Learning Update

Do you have a student who is working in a paid, competitive position and who could benefit from some additional support? Please send the student to T227 to speak to a work coordinator and pick up an OJT agreement. If the employer agrees, the work coordinator will visit the place of employment and help support the student's success on the job.

Please continue to encourage your students to get connected with VRS. Contact Cheryl Delery for north side students, Amber Gunderson for south side students, and Alamin Wahila for students who have recently arrived in the US or are experiencing a cultural barrier. No need to wait for an IEP meeting, or for the student's last year. Sooner is better!

Please be aware that over the next couple of weeks the work coordinators will be working to assess the career interests of each first year student. Our goal is to better tailor our work sites to students interests.

Upcoming at TPlus

Monday --------

Tuesday -------- Team 2 Data Meeting

Wednesday---- Team 3 Data Meeting

Thursday-------- Team 1 Data Meeting

------------------------ Site Council Meeting---- Small Cafe-----4:30-6:00

Friday ------------ PSWE--Equity and Engagement/SEL Mtg--8:30---T314

Save the Date--

The next Family Resource Event will occur on December 20, 2018.

This will be an opportunity for families to tour the new building.