Mill Street Parent Newsletter

April Edition

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” – Stephen Hawking

We have sucessfully completed our first few days of full day learning and I can say whole heartedly that our students and staff have risen to the occasion. Students have quickly adjusted to changes to instruction, different lunch and recess procedures and safety procotols. It has been a joy to see students reconnect, hear their comments about being back in school and see the delight in their eyes as we return to a more "normal" school experience. As we settle into this new format of hosting 90% of our students in person and 10% of students online, there will be some adjustment in terms of live streaming as teachers and specialists finalize their small group support schedules. Please reach out to our staff if there is confusion regarding daily schedules and we will be more than happy to work through those issues.

Our Home and School Executive Board will be hosting the monthly, general meeting on Wednesday, April 21st at 6:30 PM via zoom. The zoom link will be provided in Monday's Mustang Minutes Talk 203 email.

Mrs. Salness

Important Reminders

  • Please label all lunch boxes and water bottles with student name and grade level. Students will be transporting their lunches and water bottles to and from lunch and recess. Identifying lost items is much easier if items are labeled.
  • Please have a sign displayed on your dashboard or front window during parent pick up that lists each student's first and last name and grade level. This supports an efficient pick up lane process.
  • A reminder that cell phone use is prohibited in school zones which includes our carpool lane and can result in ticketing and large fines.
  • Left hand turns onto Mill Street during pick up and drop off times are prohibited and can result in ticketing.

Specials Classes For Online Learners

  • Our specials teachers have created a schedule to provide more consistency with their instruction. The schedule is provided below.
  • Online learners attend special classes during the same instructional block as their grade level peers.
  • Zoom links for each specials class are located on each teacher's Canvas site.
  • PE classes will be held outdoors as often as weather permits thus, live streaming will not be possible and online students will complete independent exercise options and have identified assignments and check in times with Mr. Quaid.

  • Please reach out to special or classroom teachers with questions regarding this online learner schedule.

Big picture

Reminders regarding Breakfast/Lunch/Recess:

Breakfast Procedures
  • Breakfast is available to all Mill Street students from 8:00-8:15 each day.
  • Students access their breakfast in the MPR each morning and eat at socially distanced tables in our gym.
  • All students who want breakfast are provided with a meal free of charge.

Lunch Procedures

  • Students have 20 minutes of lunch and 20 minutes of recess each day.
  • Classes are assigned lunch locations that include the MPR, Gym and designated classrooms to ensure 6ft. of space is provided between students.
  • Students sanitize their hands prior to eating lunch.
  • Assigned seating is implemented during lunch to support contact tracing.
  • Students may order lunch or bring lunch from home.
  • Lunches provided by ARAMARK are free of charge for all students.
  • Lunch options are limited to one hot sack lunch or one cold sack lunch.
  • Lunch boxes and water bottles must be labeled with student's name and grade.

Recess Procedures

  • Each grade level is provided their own 20 minute recess period.
  • Classes within each grade level rotate between 5 outdoor locations each day to ensure social distancing is achievable by reducing the number of students in any one space.
  • Students are required to wear masks while outside.
  • Students are allowed to use recess equipment.
  • Students may not bring recess balls or toys from home.
  • Equipment will be sanitized daily.
  • Students sanitize their hands after recess.

Reminders Regarding Safety Guidelines

  • Please do not send your child to school with any symptoms of Covid-19 (fever, cough, headache, shortness of breath, sore throat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain from unknown source, congestion or runny nose, fatigue, muscle/body aches, new loss of taste or smell)
  • If ANYONE in your household has symptoms, please call the school and keep ALL of your children home, including students that attend other schools.
  • Quarantine is still required for close exposure to a confirmed case within 6 feet of the confirmed case for a cumulative period of 15 minutes over 24 hours and not fully vaccinated.
  • Students who are under quarantine due to required Covid-19 protocols, will be allowed to join live streaming instruction.
  • Students who are absent due to short term illness, appointments, vacations or other reasons beyond required quarantine, will not be allowed to join live streaming.

Standardized Testing Windows

Provided below are the general testing windows for upcoming standardized testing. Grade level teachers will be providing specific testing times and dates within the testing windows shared below. Information regarding summer gifted testing will be coming out on April 16th via a Talk 203 email and that information will also be provided on the district website under the Academically Talented tab after the 16th.

KIDS- Kindergarten Assessment- 4/7-4/21

ACCESS - EL Students 4/8-4/30

IAR Science- 5th grade only 4/21-4/23

IAR-Grades 3-5 students 5/3-5/14

NWEA MAp- K-5 students 5/18-6/4

Update on our Mill Street Grows Project

As mentioned in previous parent newsletters, our Mill Street Grows Project, which includes three outdoor learning spaces, (garden, classroom, sensory area) has been fully funded through our Title 1 program. Thus, we will be moving forward with installation of outdoor furniture, garden beds and sensory equipment as the resources become available from various vendors. We plan to have a grand opening celebration this fall in conjunction with our Ice Cream Social! More details to follow on that event.

Our outdoor garden area however, will be up and running this spring! The garden area has been leveled and covered with limestone in anticipation of the construction of raised garden beds being provided by Recycle Design. We will be sending out a parent volunteer opportunity asking for support in constructing the 6 raised beds during several after school sessions in April. Please consider helping with this project! Our students will be planting vegetable seedlings soon in preparation of transplanting into the garden in mid May. Our students will be tending their crops through June 9th and then we will be sending out a second volunteer opportunity for families to tend the garden over the summer months.

Please click on the links below to follow our Social Media sites and keep abreast of all events and opportunities related to our Mill Street Grows Project.