It only took a second

By: Diana Bibiano

The day it happened

August 24, 2013 we were on our way back home from the Citizenship Center. Monse, my sister was driving the car since she recently received her driver licenses. We both had woken up early in order to have all paper work done early; once everything was finished we were on our way back home.

What happened?

A car had impacted among us me being the most injured since the car came towards the passenger seat; we were driving by Kmart road when in just a blink of an eye it happened! Unexpected but it happened. I was looking at the window when my sister yelled out of no where she turned around and saw the car i tried to hold on... when the car had stopped I saw smoke and dust from the air bag. . . I got out of the car just to find my sister and see if she was okay, We hugged and said “ Everything is going to be okay” she looked at me noticing that my face was swollen and my eye was bruised do to the impact. People who've noticed the happening called for help & got us away from the car. My sister got in an argument with the driver from the other car about to end up fighting. Ambulance arrived to the scene, helped me right away. I arrived to the hospital stayed there for 3 days my wounds were too bad for the doctors to let me go had an allergic reaction and passed away on the way to the hospital when I woke up doctors were talking to my parents about that I might have had lost part of my vision on my right eye. Had cuts in my face because of the braking glass and would have damaged my hip if the opposing car hadn't hit the brakes on time. My allergic reaction was too risky. After 3 days in the hospital they finally released me. This experience taught me that anyone can lose their life unexpected, at anytime. Helped me accomplish my goal even faster, to go for what makes me happy.
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What happened to me?

I was the most injured in the accident, had lost vision would have damaged my hip. Missed the first day of school because of vision check and had scratches on the right side of my face because of the braking glass.My sister didn't get injured as badly she had an arm in pain and also was taken to the hospital she was released the same day.

Adversity? The outcome

After the happening I realized that life is has been given but can be taking away at anytime... I still fear of the roads driving to any place i feel that at any moment a car could come our way. I know how to drive already but i'm afraid of getting the car or even taking drivers ed. I'm getting of over what happened to me step by step.