Antisocial Personality Disorder

By: KristianB

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Sub-types are-

The DSM defines it as general Personality Disorder

  • Malevolent Antisocial - includes paranoid, sadistic traits.
  • Covetous Antisocial - variation of the pure pattern wherein the individual feels that life has been excessively unfair.
  • Risk-Taking Antisocial - includes histrionic traits.
  • Reputation-Defending Antisocial - includes narcissistic traits.
  • Nomadic Antisocial - includes schizoid, avoidant features.” (Antisocial Personality Disorder Resources - Band Back Together. (n.d.))
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Genetics and Environmental- Genetics are tendencies of a person's personality passed on by parents, and Environmental is the surroundings a person grows up in, events that occurred, and relationships with family members and others (Antisocial Personality Disorder, n.d.).

Symptoms are-

Disregard for right and wrong, lying or deceit, manipulating others, sense of superiority, Recurring difficulties with the law, violating the rights of others, Child abuse or neglect, Hostility, irritability, impulsiveness, aggression or violence, Lack of empathy for others and lack of remorse about harming others, risk-taking or dangerous behaviors, Poor or abusive relationships, Irresponsible work behavior, Failure to learn from the negative consequences of behavior (Antisocial Personality Disorder, n.d.)

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Therapy and drugs given by doctors- Psychotherapy, or another name for it is talk therapy. There are no medications specifically approved to treat antisocial personality disorder. but, several types of psychiatric medications may help with certain conditions associated with it or with symptoms like aggression. These may include antipsychotic, antidepressant or mood-stabilizing medications (Antisocial Personality Disorder, n.d.).

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