March 2023 | Olympic View Elementary School

From the Desk of our Principal

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow."

Aubrey Hepburn

Hello Orca Families! March is here. A time of growth and renewal. At Olympic View, spring is a time when students really start to show what they have learned throughout the year. They begin to apply skills they have acquired over the last several months in new ways. Just this week, I have seen kindergarteners apply their knowledge of numbers to add and subtract. I have seen fourth graders learning excitedly about geology-plate boundaries and the formation of volcanoes. I am incredibly proud of the hard work of our students and the staff that support their learning.

This spring, we will be focusing on students' academic growth, but also the development of social skills that will help them be successful outside of our school walls. We will concentrate on social skills such as:

  • How to greet others when you pass them.
  • Saying "Please and thank you"
  • Saying "Excuse me"
  • Holding the door open for others

I am excited to see the positive ripple effects of focusing on small things.

As always, please reach out with questions or if you need anything.

Warm regards,

Mrs. Lucero

Olympic View Support Staff

Karen Bell, Communications Secretary

Andra Shelly, Principal's Secretary

Tracy Ebersole, Attendance Secretary

Michael Howard, Students Support Specialist-Dean of Students

Carla Hurst, School Counselor

Sara Lucero, Principal

General Office Contact Information

Office contact number: 360-279-5150

Attendance: 360-279-5159

Office contact email: oveinfo@ohsd.net

Important Upcoming Dates:

  • Fill The Bus, Food Drive | 1- 31 Mar.
  • PTA Meeting | 7 Mar. @ 4 pm
  • Family Literacy Night | 15 Mar. @ 5 pm
  • PTA Bread Pantry | 16 Mar. @ 4 - 5:30 pm
  • 2nd Gr Music Program | 16 Mar. 2 - 6:30 pm
  • Green Gift from the PTA | 17 Mar.
  • Teacher Work Day (no school) | 20 Mar.
  • PTA Free Cookie Friday | 24 Mar.


  • If you are moving please let the office know in advance. There is paperwork and other items that need to be done before students' last days.
  • Please remember when exiting our parking lot that it is a right turn only. We do not want any of our families to receive a ticket.
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Character Strong: Cooperation

This month's focus is Cooperation. One way to think about Cooperation is "working together to reach shared goals." As a family, talk about how this definition applies to how you work together at home. What are some goals you share?

Cold Wet Weather is Here!

March is the month were our weather here on the island changes constantly. Please remember to have your Orcas dress in layers. The Mornings are often very cool and icy, rain showers are more often and the afternoon can get quite warm some days. They spend a good deal of time outside for recess and fresh air. Some classes even have lessons outside and our Orca friends may need to be bundled up in the mornings or have a rain jacket with them. The weather is often unpredictable in Whidbey.
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Second Grade Graphing

Second graders Felicity and Jameson work together to create a giant graph of which color dinosaur they drew out of the mystery sack. Then they transferred the giant graph data onto a paper graph. Then used their graphs to answer questions such as: How many more red dinosaurs than blue dinosaurs?

It was a math lesson to go down in history. Speaking of history,

What do you call a sleeping dinosaur?

A: A dino-snore!

Counselors Corner

As the winter doldrums linger on here in the Pacific Northwest, it might be a good time to think about how we can incorporate some healthy coping skills into our family practices. Thinking about ways to help support our mental health has never been more important in light of the increasing anxiety many adults and children have been experiencing. The article linked here, Healthy Coping Skills for the New Year is from Seattle Children's Good Grwoing publication and shares many simple steps you can take to help support your family's mental and emotional well-being. The links contained within the article provide even more in-depth resources for further exploration of this very important topic. Enjoy reading and remember- spring is just around the corner!
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Family Meals Are Fulfilling in Many Ways

Family meals are about much more than eating together. Beyond sharing food, they're a time to catch up and connect - to share stories, ideas, emotions, struggles, and victories.

Family meals also offer a natural way to practice life skills like responsibility and teamwork - from helping with meal planning, grocery shopping, and preparation to setting the table and cleaning up afterward. And speaking of life skills, the family table is an ideal place to teach the value of a grateful and optimistic attitude, simply by having everyone share something for which they're thankful or glad.

On top of all these benefits, studies show that families who regularly eat together tend to have more nourishing meals, and their children are less likely to engage in risky behaviors.

To ensure that you're fully focused on one another, be sure that your table is completely screen-free for adults as well as kids. And while family meals are a time to model and teach table manners, they don't have to be fancy or fussy.

They can be casual and fun - no tablecloth required. Better yet, why not make a tablecloth of plain butcher paper and offer colored pencils so everyone can create some art while you enjoy your meal and conversation?

Kids' activities and parents' work schedules can make family meals challenging to plan, but it's worth keeping them a top priority. At times, you'll need to be flexible and creative - everyone loves a weekend brunch or a backyard picnic lunch, or even a tailgate pizza dinner after the big game. As long as you're gathered together, that's what counts!

Get more tips for healthy eating as a family.

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Fourth Grade, Silent Ninja math group luncheon

The amazing math group known as the silent ninjas worked very hard to earn a class party. They chose to have lunch with their teachers Ms. Larsen and Mrs. Huff. It was a fun opportunity to eat with friends and to be able to tell math jokes.

Why did all the students wear glasses? To improve division.

Why did the math teacher wear sunglasses? Because her students were so bright.

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