Bulldog Bulletin Two Week Edition

March 17 through April 1

Character Trait of the Month: Trustworthy

Welcome to our newest bulldog! Cora Ray Schmitz

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Bulldog Vision

Through shared responsibility and life experiences, we will instill positive character traits and create pathways to success for ALL students SO that they become confident, independent, problem solving individuals.

Bulldog Mission

  • promote a sense of shared respect and responsibility between home, school and community
  • teacher reflection and collaboration will be an essential part of our growth and student achievement
  • optimal learning will exist in a safe, nurturing, and supportive environment sustained through School Wide Positive Behavior and CharacterPlus
  • teachers will have high expectations for all students and provide them with a learning framework centered on critical thinking, problem solving, self-reflection, communication, collaboration, and real life experiences

News to Know...

Sewer Work - The City of Jefferson will be starting the installation of a new sewer line across our grass playground area, probably in a week or so. The new line will run fairly close to the fence by the creek in most areas. We have requested the contractor to orange fence off the areas where/when they are working. They will be starting on the Southern Air Drive side first. Eventually they will need to cross Belair Drive, which may result in some traffic detours, but we requested that the Belair Street closure work be done the week after school is out, which is the week prior to summer school starting.

Let your kids know (especially those who are walkers) to stay away from these areas being worked on!

MyLearningPlan - Please complete the evaluations for March 4 PD day and March 9 early release day on MyLearningPlan. The one from March 9 will be great feedback for me!

Indoor Environment Surveys - On March 30, the State Department of Health along with John Moon, will be in our building. They will be in and out of classrooms and on the grounds. The only disturbance should be the in and out of rooms. They should not need to interrupt to ask you questions.

Absences - Thank you for keeping me in the loop! Continue to email me, text me, or drop me a note if you have a planned or emergent absence. If you are out (and your position does not require a sub) and have a AM, Lunch/Recess, or PM duty - ask someone to cover ahead of time!

Thirsty Thursdays - Should we continue this after Spring Break? I have heard "yes" from a few people.

Summer School - Please look at summer school enrollments for completion before sending them to the office. If you want a student to attend, make contact with the parent either by phone or email. These forms are due back by April 8, so there is plenty of time. The forms are attached to this newsletter if you would like to include it in your newsletter or email you send to parents.

Applying for Summer School - Are you having problems applying for Summer School positions?

If you already have a username & password in Recruit & Hire, please follow these instructions for accessing the Summer School list:

Log in to Recruit & Hire: https://jcps.tedk12.com/Hire/index.aspx

Type in your username & password at the top - sign in

Click on "Internal" at the top right

Click "Yes, I am an employee"

Type "Yes" again

Click continue

Check your profile information

Click Save

Click on Job Listings Tab


Apply before April 1! Out of district applicants will be considered after April 1.

Positive Office Referrals - Keep them coming! Extra copies are available in the office. The smiles they are putting on the kids' faces is priceless!

Summative Evaluations - All meetings have been scheduled (unless I missed someone). These should be wrapped up by April 1! All summative meetings will take place in the teacher's classroom. Have your growth plan and self reflection completed and be ready to discuss.

Growth Plans - New growth plans for 2016-2017 do not need to be written until 1st Quarter next year. Think about what area(s) you would like to improve on, or continue to work on for next year.

General Reminders -
* IC updated at a minimum of the 15th and the end of the month
* Websites kept up-to-date
* Remember to use pre-corrects, Belair B.E.S.T. matrix language, Positive Office Referrals, and Bulldog Bucks! 4:1 is our goal with all kids!
* Newsletters can be turned in as a paper copy or emailed as a digital copy. I prefer digital!

SMILE! You just got a Positive Office Referral!

Calendar of Events

Thursday, March 17 - Thirsty Thursday

Spirit Week - Green Day

MAP Training (Milhollin), BOE, 7:30

Staffing (Luebbering/Gile), 8:15

Earthquake Drill, 10:00

Summative Meeting, Vernon, 2:10

Transition Meeting for 5th SPED Students (Hamilton out), 2:15-3:15

RED -Speech Only (Non-public), 3:15

Friday, March 18

Spirit Week - Bulldog Spirit Gear

PBS 3rd Quarter Celebration - Root Beer Floats

WatchDOG Dad Volunteer (R. H.)

MAP Committee Meeting, 8:00

Summative Meeting, Farris, 10:10

Summative Meeting, Watson, 11:00

Monday, March 21

Rynard out ALL

JA Biz Town Field Trip (5th Grade out ALL DAY)

IEP (Smith/Rice), 8:30

Living Museum, 2:30-3:30

Tuesday, March 22

Rynard out ALL, Crocker out PM

IEP (Walker/Werdehausen), 8:15

Living Museum, 2:30-3:30

Living Museum for Parents, 5;30-6:30

Wednesday, March 23

Rynard, Roberts, and Leftwich out ALL

Tier 2 Academics, 8:00

IEP (Watson/Doll), 8:15

Awards Assembly, 9:15

Thursday, March 24

Spring Break - No School

Friday, March 25

Spring Break - No School

Sunday, March 27

Happy Easter

Monday, March 28

Spring Break - No School

Tuesday, March 29

Summative Meeting (Hamilton), 8:00

Staffing (Luebbering/Henry), 9:15

504 RED (Germer/Lawrence), 4:00

Wednesday, March 30

Indoor Environment Survey

IEP (Yanis/Clark), 2:15

Thursday, March 31 - Thirsty Thursday

Staffing (Smith/Mayfield), 8:15

Story Tellers from MRRL (K-5), 9:30-10:30

Summative Meeting (Mosely), 3:00

Friday, April 1

MAP Examiners Training (all staff who proctor the test attend), 8:00 in Library

Counselor Advisory Luncheon (Leftwich and Milhollin), 11:30-1:00

Three Billy Goats Performance, 1st Grade, 3:15

Spirit Week Fun!

AMP Schedule

For the week of 3/21 through 3/25

Monday - Yellow

Tuesday - Red

Wednesday - Blue

Thursday - No School

Friday - No School

For the week of 3/28 through 4/1

Monday - No School

Tuesday - Yellow

Wednesday - Red

Thursday - Blue

Friday - Yellow

Health Screening Information

It is that time of year again! We are excited to offer Health Screens to everyone that partakes in the JCPS Health Insurance. We offer the Health Screens as an added benefit to each of you. It is a great way to monitor your results from year to year, plus it puts money back in your pocketbook! By participating in the health screens you receive a $30 premium reduction each month! That totals $360 in savings a year!

The Health Screens will be held each day at the Dix Road Education Center on the following days:

March 22

March 23

March 24

March 30

To register please use the following link from CRMC


A couple of notes about the screens:

1. If you choose to go to your private physician, please use the attached form and have it faxed to UMR at the number given.

2. Cotenine test- This test will be offered again if you wish to earn 100 points for being Tobacco-free. If you go to your private physician, this test will need to be done at the screens. Everyone will be asked if they wish to have this test and everyone will have to respond yes or no. It is 100% optional.

3. InBody and Waist-to-Hip ratio i will also be taken again. Please know that you will have to take shoes and socks off for the InBody assessment.

4. Please print the waivers that are to be completed and bring them with you. This will help to speed up the process.

Cups of blessings.

Data Cycles

Please continue to turn in pre-test and post-test data cycle information. I would like to update the Data Cycle posters in the hallway this week if possible.
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Where are you on the Rigor/Relevance Framework?

Think about 3-5 things you have asked your students to do this week. Where would they be on the Rigor/Relevance framework?

Think about 3-5 questions you have asked your students this week. Where does your level of questioning fall on the Rigor/Relevance framework?

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