Where is Middle Earth



I chose Japan to be a lot like the Middle Earth. in the setting of Hobbit, there are a lot of mountains and hilly plains, and the landscape of Japan is very much like the Hobbit because of its mountains and hilly plains. the people of Japan speak Japanese and their written language is also Japanese. the culture of the Japanese, is that they always celebrate the Bon-odori Festival. they also like to celebrate the Japanese Tea ceremony.


I would describe Japan as the best Middle Earth because of its similar landscapes. The book Hobbit, takes place on lowlands, plains, and mountains. In Japan, there are many hilly plains which look exactly like the Hobbit. also, a good example of a mountain for the Middle Earth is Mount Fuji in Japan. Mount Fuji isn't a very big mountain, but there are many hills and the top of the mountain is cold and snowy just like Hobbit. Many people can easily say that the many landscapes of Japan can be considered Middle Earth.


Counter Claim

Although people can say that New Zealand or Switzerland can be a better Middle Earth, Japan has more prospects of Middle Earth. All the lowlands and plains on other countries and regions aren't made to resemble Middle Earth. They don't look like Middle Earth. However, Japan has every lowland and plain that is like the Middle Earth.


In conclusion, Japan can easily be said to be Middle Earth. Although the culture and language is different, the landforms of Japan is very much like the Landforms of Middle earth. The mountains of Japan are grassy with hills and land like in Middle Earth. Also, the lowlands of Japan are mystical like Middle Earth.
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