The Six Gazette

September Edition

🙌 We're Officially Back 🙌

After what seemed like a long time coming, we were excited to FINALLY welcome the Sixers to Neal last week. Our first week was largely centered on establishing procedures and working to build rapport with students. There were some bumps along the way, but #theSix pushed through them, and everyone is settling in.

Schedule Changes

Students may have experienced a change in their schedule this week, as our data manager worked to evenly spread students across all three teams. We do apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused. Schedules have been finalized and should be set moving forward. Please note that we do not permit changes across teams (or cross-teaming).

Students will have the opportunity to request elective changes; however, these requests MUST be submitted through this elective change request form by Friday, September 3. Changes will be made in order of which the requests have been made. Completing this form does NOT guarantee a change. It does, however, inform us of their request so that we can look at class sizes to determine if a change is possible.

🚗 Car Pool 🚗

We truly APPRECIATE your patience in working with us through carpool 🙏. We are constantly working through best practices in an effort to speed up the process, while also ensuring the safety of students. It is our hope that as bus information continues to be processed and updated, our carpool numbers will decrease and the time in line will be significantly reduced. PLEASE BEAR WITH US! For now, we ask for your continued understanding. We are working hard out there! Please continue to encourage your child to pay attention and walk swiftly to enter their vehicles in an effort to expedite things.

🚌 Bus Transportation Update 🚌

Transportation is continuing to process requests daily to ensure all students have a bus stop and route. Due to the volume of requests at this time, please allow 10 days for assignments to be placed for student transportation. We appreciate your understanding during this process! You may access the transportation page Here Comes the Bus tracking app to track your child's bus.

Rising Student Expectations

Last week, students were visited in their classrooms by AP Scott and presented with Eagle Rising Expectations. Students are responsible for reading and understanding the Student Code of Conduct listed in the student handbook. Parents are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the handbook as well.

Beginning of Year Assessments

Students will begin to dive into new content this week. Please expect beginning of the year (BOY) assessments to take place during this time. This information will help teachers gauge where students are and how to design instruction in weeks to come to ensure that students are growing throughout the year.

Parent Portal

6th grade is a critical year to be involved in your child's academics. Stay up-to-date on your child's grades, attendance, etc. with Parent Portal. Please contact our 6th grade-level school counselor for your child's Access ID and Password (

After-School Program

Neal's after-school program is expected to begin mid/late September. We have LIMITED SPACE, so please complete this form as soon as possible if you are interested!

Counselor's Corner

Ms. Bennetone has been working to get to know students, and will continue to meet with them throughout the year. Some meetings may be individually based, others may be within small groups. We know that the middle school transition can be challenging for some in terms of meeting and connecting with new peers. If you are are interested in (or think that your child would benefit from) small lunch groups facilitated by Ms. Bennetone, please complete this form.

Stay Connected:

Make sure you don't miss important informations! Text Mrs. Bennetone at 919-813-0591 with your name so she can connect you to the Remind App.

Additional Opportunities:

If you are interested in any of these services, please reach out to Ms. Bennetone (

  • Triple P | Triple P is an evidenced based program designed to help parents manage teenage behaviors.

  • Camp ReLEAF | Camp ReLEAF is designed to provide a safe and supportive place for children K-8 to express their grief through camp experiences that include: arts & crafts, small group discussions, movement activities, and opportunities to remember and honor their loved ones. Children learn ways to cope with the loss and know that they are not alone.

**Mrs. Bennetone is supervising a UNC counseling intern this year that would love to work with your child! Please click here (Espanol) for more information.**

MSEN Pre-College

NC State has a grant for MSEN (Math-Science Education Network) that students can attend on one Saturday each month. The program provides really cool STEM activities and competitions, while on the campus of NC State and allowing students to see campus life up close and in person. If students have transportation concerns, there is an opportunity for transportation to be provided. If you are interested in your child participating in this amazing opportunity, please email me ( by Sept. 17th.

📅 Month at a Glance 📅

Big picture

Join us for Meet the Teacher Night

We would like to invite all families to our Meet the Teacher/Title I Night event on Wednesday, Sept. 29th. Families will follow their child's daily schedule, spending time in each classroom to meet each teacher and understand the curriculum that will be covered throughout the year. Parents will have an opportunity to ask specific questions to teachers, and will be provided tips to help their child(ren) be successful during the middle school transition. We would love to see all of our families at this event!

~Dinner will be provided to families~

Prior to the event, feel free to cheer on our football team as we take on our rivals across town in a home football game! We'd love to see you there.

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🎉 Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month 🎉

We are excited to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month with our students! Here in The6 we embrace our cultural awareness & diversity and encourage students to have #pride in their heritage. Teachers will be working to embed Hispanic/LatinX elements into their instruction to highlight influencers within their subject area.

Coming Soon ... Stay Tuned!

Habit Highlight

Each month we will look to highlight one habit (character trait). As a team, teachers will select one student that they feel demonstrated that habit throughout the month. The student will be recognized and highlighted in the newsletter. The habit that we will highlight for the month of August/September is SELF-DISCIPLINE: (ability to focus the will and make sacrifices in order to achieve a goal (whether immediate or short-term).

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AP of The6

I am Ms. Scott, and I am proud to be serving as the Assistant Principal for The6. I am here to ensure that your child has a positive experience during their first year in middle school! We are on this journey together, and no matter the challenges, we will get through them together. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, comments, or concerns that you might have. Communication is going to be key, so please be sure to follow our social media platforms, and subscribe to the Six Gazette newsletters. I look forward to a great year!


Ms. Scott