Stagecoach Rides!

By:Andrea Lara

Stagecoach Rides!

Come and ride one of the stagecoaches that have been made just for you! There are many stagecoaches to choose from and you can pick the one that's right for you.
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The first stagecoach was built in 1827. It costed from $1200-$1500. These stagecoaces weighed more than two thousand pounds. The stagecoach started as a wagon like carriage pulled by horses.

Important to North Dakota

Stagecoaches were important to north Dakota. They were important because they were used to bring lots of people from many places. The used stagecoaches for transportation through the Northern Plains.


Some advantages is of a stagecoach is that it transport's people easily. Foods and materials can be transported as well with a stagecoach. Farmers use this kind of transportation to send their produce/goods to markets.

Some disadvantages are passengers can be messy/dirty. Many accidents occurred during a ride like head collision's if seated in the back. /another disadvantage is that traveling in a stagecoach in some weathers was dangerous.

Why You Should Come.

You should come and ride one of our stagecoaches because we know you will enjoy the ride! It has been made safer just for you so no need to worry about anything.

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