Ms. Braswell's Community One Family

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Project Work

We continued to discuss what our aquarium will look like. We also began creating Ocean Fact Books. Learners are in the process of decorating the cover of their book using their knowledge and research of what the ocean looks like and consists of. This is where they can place pictures, writing samples and research findings about the Ocean. At the end of the year they will take these home to share their learning with others.

Please remember to send in newspaper! We need quite a bit to make the four sharks we have been learning about that will go in our Community One aquarium. Thanks in advance!

Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr

This week we began to learn about a great man of history, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Our favorite video explanation is by Kid President. He explained that Dr. King was an advocate for love and peace. We read "The Peace Book" by Todd Parr and decided to write our own version. Check out both videos below!

The Story of Martin Luther King Jr. by Kid President
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The Peace Book

Data and Graphs

After several class graphs had been made, it was now time to practice on our own. Each learner created a question then went around the room and collected the data. Then they organized their data into a bar graph. Be sure to ask your learners what their question and findings were.

Do We Have a Time to Practice Reading?

You bet we do! Everyday we take a few minutes to have quiet independent reading time. During this time you will hear classical music and see learners reading on their own using books that are "Just Right" for them. These 3-4 books are held in their book bins until it is their day to "Book Shop." Ask your learner what it means to "Book Shop" and what day they go.

Reader's Workshop

A New Way to Share

We have a Document Camera! This camera projects onto the wall giving us a closer look at someone's hard work. Learners are very excited to come and share. This is a time where we comment on something that we notice the writer did well and also provide suggestions to improve their writing. This is a great introduction into the value of constructive criticism. We are learning how to respectfully provide feedback to each other.

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PTSA Art Competition Winners

Yujin (1st place) and Min Seo (2nd place) won in the visual arts category for their age group.

Yujin's picture will now go on to a national contest! Way to go girls!

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Indoor Recess is an Adventure!

When it is wet and rainy outside we still find ways to get moving. Adventure to Fitness with Mr. Mark is an interactive educational fitness program online. It can also be accessed at home. Ask your learner about Mr. Mark and Adventure to Fitness. Check out the research connecting physical activity and cognitive growth below.

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Mystery Reader

Please come and read to us on Friday afternoons! Click the link below to sign up.

PRS Health and Wellness

Be sure to wear tennis shoes Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

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Room 118 Needs

Please don't feel obligated to send in these items. If you think of us while you are out and about we are in need of...

-old newspapers


-Lysol Spray

-Bag of Play Sand (We would like to try this for a while in our Sand and Water table for something different to explore)

Thank you!