Equal Pay

By: Chase Pavelich

Match my Salary

This new and improved app was made to make sure that women in the working field, are getting paid the same as men do in the same profession as them. This app includes a wide range of professional careers around your area, a list of salaries for each position, and also a description of how much each person should be getting paid. There are numerous of benefits to this new app like; allows women to make sure they're getting paid the same as men in their jobs, keep men and women equal in society, and also helps to promote women's equality in the work force. This amazing app will revolutionize the salary dependency in jobs and help to make the working field a fair battle, and ITS FREE!
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For feedback on this new app, please call 704-999-0909 or also email us at womensequality@yahoo.com. We are always ready to here what you have to say!