Rockin' in Kindergarten

with Mrs. Cunningham


What are we learning this week?

This week we will learn the popcorn words see and my. We are reviewing the letters M and S. Students are continuing to learn activities at our daily literacy stations. In Math, we are continuing to work on sorting activities and learning basic shapes. The students are creating a shape book! In Science, we are beginning a unit of study on weather.

Looking ahead!

We have some exciting and fun learning activities coming up! Next week we will begin a literacy unit on the season of Fall. This will be followed by a unit on apples and pumpkins!

**I know many of you would like to volunteer, and I am so appreciative of your willingness to support our classroom! At back to school night, I will review our volunteer website with you so that you can sign up for times/activities that work best for you. Again, I am so thankful for your help!!**

Curriculum Corner

Student Objectives for Reading and Writing:

(These objectives will be modeled and practiced throughout the first semester.)

  • I can participate in class by speaking clearly.
  • I can participate in class by waiting my turn.
  • I can recognize, name, and print upper and lowercase letters.
  • I can identify letter sounds.
  • I can follow along while my teacher reads.
  • I can tell what the author and illustrator does for a book or poem.
  • I can ask questions about words I don’t know.
  • I can show the front cover, back cover, and title page of a book.
  • I can follow the direction of print.
  • I can show spaces between words.
  • I can use pictures to help me understand what a book says.
  • I can recognize some sight words.
  • I can write my name.
  • I can write some letters of the alphabet.
  • I can write words we are using in class – using the teacher’s example as a model.

Words to Know:



Specials for the Week

MONDAY- Library





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