Come To Constantinople

By Jessica Pebley

Join The Roman Catholic Church!

The Roman Catholic Church And The Eastern Orthodox Church Separated!

Come To Constantinople to join one of the NOW Separated churches!!!
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Patriarch Of Constanople

Name: Michael Cerularius

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Pope Leo IX

Name: Pope Leo The IX

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Cardinal Humbert

Name: Cardinal Humbert

Gender: Male

Age: Unkown

Excommunicating Each Other

Pope Leo Sent, Cardinal Humbert to Excommunicate Cerularius, he marched up to the alter of Hagia Sophia. In Front of EVERYONE, he laid down a Bull (a proclamation by the pope) excommunicating Cerularius. Cerularius Responded By Excommunicating the Cardinal. This was only a Symbolic Act, for the Patriarch did not have that power. But it showed that the Split, or Schism, Between East And West Was Complete.

Come To Constantinople For A Chance To See All This Action!

And Join The Roman Catholic Church!