Administrative Service Manager

Edith Pineda

Job Description

Plan and organize administrative services of an organization such as records and information, mail distribution, maintenance, and other office services.

Related Courses & Experience

Taking courses in high school would help many people get a closer view of how the business world is. Some classes available are entrepreneurship, accounting, and consumer ed. Experiencing the career you want is always fun to do. I for example volunteered at my sisters job who works in the business field hep her administrator file papers or help out in anything general.

Education Requirements

Having education is the most important, without it there's really nothing much availability in a career of business. You'll need at least a high school diploma or GED to start off following with usually a four year college to earn a bachelors degree in business administration or business commence general.

Duties & Responsiblities

During the job site one has many tasks to be responsible for. They're the ones who make the decisions such as hiring, planning and organizing to control the budget of contracts, equipment and supplies. Overall they should also be aware to maintain safety throughout the department.
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Salary & Work Enviroement

Most of a day can usually be spent in an office if not one would be making site visits around building. Although the average salary is $66,520 you have to keep in mind that while working in a facility either full time, seasonal, or temporary you may be get called-in to address problems during nonworking hours.

Job Outlook

The employment is estimated to be increasing 12% form the year of 2102 to 2022. Departments of management or administrative tasks will certainly always remain important.
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