LME Weekly Update

Friday Focus 9/23

Getting into it!

Thanks to all of our staff, the second week of school has gone smoothly. Students are already in the school routine thanks to your consistency and commitment to looking out for all kids.

QComp/TDE with Doug Stanton 9/22

Doug Stanton will be here on Thursday, Sept.22 at 8:20 in the Media Center to discuss QComp folders and the changes from last year. Here is a link to the slideshow he made. Please watch or preview it before Thursday's meeting. His time is best spent answering our specific questions. I no longer plan on showing the video since he will be here. Please put it on your calendars.

Fire and Lockdown Drills

Next week we will do our two fire drills. The first will be a "No alarm" fire drill with the students on Thursday afternoon. The second will be with the alarm on Friday afternoon. I am checking our testing schedules before setting the time. An email will come to all staff next week.

We have ordered magnets for all classroom doors that lock in the building. That will allow you to keep your door locked without it latching. Once we have that, I will communicate our next steps for our first lockdown drill.

Shared Leadership Notes

You can see the work of Shared Leadership here. If you have any questions, please speak with your SL representative.

Brief Walk-A-Thon Kickoff Meeting 9/21

We will have a licensed staff meeting next Wednesday the 21st at 8:40 in the Media Center to go over the details for the Walk-a-Thon with our PTO.

Where will Bret be next week?

Mon-Out all day MESPA Leadership Conference Sat-Mon

Tues- Out 1-4 Principal's Meeting with Cabinet




NM Motivating

Wait, did you make it all the way to the bottom?

If you did, thank you. I am looking for some teachers and staff who might be interested in doing a one tweet a day Twitter chat with elementary teachers and classrooms in Montrose, MN. We would do one tweet a day (or more if you like) sharing what our kids are doing in class. It would start building classroom connections outside of our school. Who knows where it can go? Up for trying it?