The Hammer Killer

DeVault is accused of killing her husband with a hammer.

DeVault's confession

DeVault claims that her husband was always abusing her. She simply said that they were having an unhappy marriage and she was willing to get divorced. On the day that she told her husband that she started the divorce process, she had also turned him down for sex, which caused a problem. At that day, she chose to stay awake and waited until Harrell was asleep. After falling asleep she was awoken up with her husband pinning her down and having sex with her. She then went to the bathroom and on her way back to bed, Harrell was asleep. DeVault screamed and slammed Harrell with a hammer.Hearing DeVault scream, her neighbor Cook rushed form his room and romped the hammer from her hands. Cook offered to take the blame so their children wouldn't lose both parents.DeVault faces the death penalty in her husband's death.

Forensics hired to investigate more in this case made further investigations and analysis on blood spatters that were found in the crime scene.

Summary of the case

Jurors found out that DeVault has different stories about what she did on the day of the murder. This lead the detectives to be sure that there was something in her mind that she didn't want to tell them about.

Dr. Joseph Zabramski, the surgeon who tried to save Dale Harrel's life, claimed that Harrel's cheek and temple had been caved in by a claw hammer earlier. He died three weeks later. DeVault stands accused of his murder, and prosecutors hope to send her to death row for the crime. But DeVault claims she acted in self-defense.

And then the doctor took the stand.

Dr. Joseph Zabramski described the delicate surgery he performed on Harrell. When he was testifying about Harrell's death after a pulmonary embolism, he found out that a blood clot in his lungs is what stopped his heart.

Jurors heard testimony from DeVault’s boyfriend, Allen Flores, who was granted partial immunity in exchange for his testimony, and from a strip-club friend DeVault allegedly tried to contract to kill Harrell for her.

My opinion

When taking into consideration what Harrell previously did to his wife, such as always abusing her, forcing her to do things she doesn't like, and finally causing her to previously have skull fractures because of him beating her, I think Harrell deserves what happened to him in terms of being hit with something but other than a deadly hammer. I wouldn't blame DeVault about what she did out of anger, but killing is still counted a crime. I totally disagree with the Prosecutors when they said that DeVault killed her husband because she was in debt because she was planning to get divorced from him. Overall, I think DeVault should have told the police about her husband's bad treatment before instead of taking action herself and killing him. What DeVault is wrong but I still don't think she's supposed to be charged with a death penalty because what she did is still self-defensive to me.

Saida El-Shantaf