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Moscow is the capitol of Russia and the most popular place in Russia, Russia has a tricolored flag or three colored flag white on top, blue in the middle and red at the bottom


Russia is on Europe and China, Iran, Mongolia, and Kazhastan border Russia .Some major landforms in Russia are the board European plain ,Volga river plains ,Ural mountains to the border to Europe, and some major landmarks in Russia are...Russia doesn't have many trees so most of Russia is plains and mountains. Mountain ranges are stretched out across Russia there is one across the southeastern and southwestern parts of Russia. Russia has over 100,000 rivers and most of them of the record for longest river in the world. Water pollution is the most serious concern less than half of Russia's population has fresh water to drink


Russia has a democrat with a republican form. The leader of Russia is Vladimir Putin has been the president of Russia since May 7 2012. The government decides by voting for president. The citizens of Russia work hard to make their own products


67 percent of Russia is poor the other 33 percent stay poor and get poorer while the 67 percent of citizens in Russia that are rich stay rich and get richer. The type of money Russians use is called ruble.the main exports in Russia are (oil,petroleum products gas and coal). Russia's citizens lifetime is 70 years and is ranked 152nd in the world. Russia's birth rate is 11 births and ranks it 168in the world. Russia's water supply comes from the ground


In Russia girls wear traditional sarafan dresses and guys wear kosovorotka. Russian 99 percent of people in Russia speak Russian and the other one percent speak German. Major holidays in Russia are Christmas and New Years but they celebrate a little differently New Years is celebrated by going on vacation from January 1-11 and Christmas is celebrated on January 7th instead of December 25th because Russians believe that Jesus was born on the seventh of January instead of the 25th of December. The main religion in Russia is orthodox Christianity and is believed by 75 percent of Russia's citizens. The most popular dish in Russia is chicken breasts and a lot of butter stuffed inside the chicken and has been a Russian cuisine the entire 21st century.


It is usually very cold all through the year the average temperature is 30 degrees Fahrenheit and they usually get about 72 inches of rain each year. The main water problem is that the rivers do not provide fresh water but there are so many of them that someone should do something about it


Some historical events in Russia are...

The Russian revolution 1917-1924 this event affected Russia greatly because it freed Russia from monarchy, and Russia's first election was important because it gave Russian citizens more power.

Compare and contrast

Religion the biggest religion is orthodox Christianity and the biggest religion in the U.S. is Christianity is by far the most popular religion in the USA. In Russia a typical Russian meal will leave you satisfied, drunk, and unable to move in the U.S a meal will leave you so full that you throw up. Russia's holidays are celebrated differently as I talked about before we don't go on vacation for New Years or celebrate Christmas in January and Russia's government is diffrent we are a free country with a limited government and Russia has a dictator with an unlimited government. The next thing that we don't have in common is our economy 78 percent of the U.S is at the average mark when it comes to money and 12 percent is poor and ten percent are rich but in Russia over half of Russia's citizens are poor and the rest are rich


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