A Foreign Exchange Adventure

Witniss Brazil's Celebrations

Experience Carnaval, a four-day celebration of social freedom; Cirio de Nazare, a two-week festival that honors the Virgin of Nazare; and Festa Dos Pescadores, a feast consisting mostly of fish.

Taste Brazil's Cuisine

Brazil's most common foods are black beans, rice, and cassava. Special dishes include vatapa and carucu, both fish dishes; churrasco, a meat dish; and pato no tupici, which is spiced duck.

Experience Brazil's climate

Brazil typically gets temperatures ranging from 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit and 80 inches of rainfall per year.

What's Wrong With the Place

-Brazil is currently experiencing an economic recession.

-Deforestation runs rampant in the Amazon rain forest, damaging the local ecosystem.

-Brazil has a high murder rate.

Compatiblity with the United States

Brazil is much warmer than the United States and receives much more rainfall. Their food selection is not as diverse. Their economic state is also poor. Brazil receives a C compatibility rating.