Español en Little Mill

Otoño-2016-Señora Teixeira

Study session

If you are having trouble with our class ask me for a pass to our Tuesday help session! Students can come to me for an extra 10-50 minutes for help on this day. They can even split it up between my class and another. I will be at school next Thursday, the 31st at 8:00 a.m. as well. Let me know Wednesday if you are coming so I can create a pass for you!

Optional Formative & Technology

Students, do not forget about your optional formative. Have fun with it! I cannot wait to hear your stories about the markets or restaurants! We have been doing Quizlet, listening to native speakers and watching a "soap opera" in the lab, recording our voices using devices, and more is planned for next week with our new vocabulary. Do not forget to study your verbs for our Tuesday quiz!

Try these!