North American Natives



They built dams, ditches and canals to trap rain. They made houses of adobe and stone. The heart of the civilization was in Chaco Canyon which was in Pablo Bonito where there was a massive complex of more than 1000 people. They made roads for trading networks. Craftsman made turquoise jewelry.



The Adena lived in Ohio around 700 BC. They grew, squash, sunflowers, gourds, and barley. They produced very good copper and jewelry and good pottery. They made good burial mounds that were layered under the earth. Adena and Hopewell are reffered to "Mound Builders."


They settled in Ohio around 300 BC. They built mounds that were 40 feet tall and 100 feet wide. Artifacts that people have found makes them think that there were trading routes. People have found artifacts that make people think that there were trade routes.


The Mississippians arrived in Mississippi around 800 AD. Had plants that they used for food and when they added them to maze their was an increase in population. when there was an increase in population they had to get more land. When they got more people that meant they had to get more land. Cahokia was the largest city. In the center of Cahokia there was a mound that was 100 feet high and the base was 14 acres. Surrounding the big mound were 120 smaller mounds.