All about 9/11

What is 9/11?

Do you know what 9/11 is? If not I can tell you. 9/11 is a day when 4 planes where hijacked by terrorists each of witch crashed. The north tower was hit first then the south tower then the south tower then the pentagon the last thing that was hit was a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. All of the planes where heading to the east coast of California. That is what 9/11 is.


My chapter

My chapter from the book Heroes of 9/11 by Allan Zullo is " If you die hear we all die hear." The two main characters are Charles "chuck" also known as medic the other person is David Karens also known as marine. We start our story with chuck watching T.V and a massage from his sister,so Chuck is watching the Twin towers fall on T.V the massage is "I know your down their helping I hope you'll be OK. ' Hearing that he took off to help. He started to search what was left of the South Tower. When he meet a marine on the pile named David Karens they teamed up and rescued two people named Will Jimeno and John Mcloughin. That is my summary of the chapter.

All about me

I'm Brooke N I really like nature and animals.