Callihan's Cache Tech Challenge #5

Creating videos with Animoto

Animoto for Education

Your Animoto Challenge (Due April 30, 2014)

The goal of this challenge is to get you to see the potential of using Animoto in your teaching and learning. Animoto allows educators unlimited video with an Animoto "Pro" account. Animoto is a great way to bring simple presentations to life or simply highlight your school year, field trip or classroom events.

Animoto's ease of use allows you to add pictures video, text and music. Animoto will create the transitions and compile your masterpiece for easy sharing and downloading.

*App and web

Your Mission: To create your own iAnimoto Video to share:

1. Create an educator account at:

When "applying" you will receive a "promo code" to use for signing up.

In addition to unlimited videos, this educator account also allows you to

create up to 50 student accounts for your classroom.

2. Download app and sign in

2. Add images and/or video (use what you have or take new)

3. Select style and music

4. Give your video a title

5. Preview/edit your video

6. Save video to camera roll

7. "Share" your video with me via email or Twitter (use #ginwow when tweeting)

**All videos emailed or sent via Twitter (hashtag #ginwow) will be entered into a drawing for an iTunes card.

Feel free to follow the Hashtag here.

**Please feel free to collaborate and work with your grade/subject areas