Jestin Hemmersbach

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Salem Witch Trials

1. Who were the first accusers? What happened that made them start to accuse people? What are the explanations for their behaviors?

  • Reverend Parris’ daughter Elizabeth, and niece Abigail Williams started having “fits” they started throwing things, started screaming, uttered peculiar sounds and contorted themselves in strange positions. Ann Putnam experienced the same effects.

2. Who did they accuse?

  • Young Females

3. What was used as evidence to show someone was a witch?

  • They threw the people into the water and if they floated they were a witch, and if they sunk and went to the bottom then they were not a witch, but either way they were killed or they died

4. Where did this event take place?

  • Colonial Massachusetts and Salem

5. When was the time period of the event?

  • 1692-1693

6. How were people executed?

  • They were thrown under water and if they floated, they were a witch. If they sunk to the bottom or stayed under water they were not a witch. Either way they died.

7. What was the importance of the Lord’s Prayer?

  • The accused were to recite the Lord’s Prayer without messing up or they would be found guilty and were killed.

8. Why might the economy of Massachusetts have caused the hysteria?

  • The people were higher class and were accusing lower class of being witches and wizards.

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  • "Five witches were lately executed, impudently demanding of God a miraculous vindication of their innocency"
  • "Our good God is working of miracles"