Weekly Notes

April 10-16

Focus of the Week: Perseverance

5th Grade Begins MStep this week!

Monday, April 11

5th grade is MStepping!

2nd grade to the Ann Arbor Natural History Museum

DesOrmeau/Woodham/Maurus Meeting @ 10:50 Maurus' Office

Play Pioneers Meeting (Compton, Hempton, Maurus) @ 3:00 Compton's room

Tuesday, April 12

5th grade is MStepping!

Maurus @ MSU Job Fair

Staff Meeting @ 4:00 in the media center

Dr. Pam @ 6:00 (Frisk and Paulisin coordinating) in the media center

Wednesday, April 13

Lisa Anthony's Birthday!!!

Thomas Jefferson's Birthday!

Maurus @ Admin Meeting AM

IEP @ 8:30 (Stauch, Frisk) Frisk's room

IEP @ 8:30 (Anthony, Kopy, DesOrmeau) Kopy's room

MTSS Planning Meeting @ 3:00 (Anthony, Compton, Frisk, Hrit, Kopy, Maurus) Hrit's room

Thursday, April 14

IEP @ 8:30 Anthony, Compton, Jackson, Giroux, Kopy, Vasiloff, Maurus) Kopy's room

Student Meeting @ 10:10 (Skowronski, Jackson, Daniels, Maurus) Skowronski's room

IEP @ 3:00 (Anthony, Maurus, Middleton, Kopy) in Kopy's room

Friday, April 15

Spirit Day!!!

Data Meetings (see the schedule below)

IEP @ 8:15 (Anthony, Giroux, Kopy, Maurus, Vasiloff) Kopy's room

IEP/MET Meeting @10:00 (Anthony, Bastine, Maurus) Anthony's room

Skate Night!

Last Week's Behavior Data

Administrative Interventions: 6

ISS: 1

OSS: 0

Send Home: 0

Trends/Hot Spots: None that are sticking out!

Data Meetings

Data Meetings are this Friday, April 15th in Hrit's room.

*Please come with the names of the students you would like to discuss at Intervention Meetings, which will be Thursday, April 21st and Friday, April 22nd.

Grade levels will meet in Hrit's room during the following times to make workshop groups for the 4th quarter:

1st Grade 9:50-10:50

2nd Grade 11:00-12:00

3rd Grade 1:20-2:15 (sorry, only 55 minutes because of special/lunch/Spanish schedule)

4th Grade 2:25-3:25

5th Grade 8:40-9:40

1st Grade - Please give your DRA data to Hrit by the end of the day on THURSDAY.

2nd-5th Grade - Please have your SRI testing done by the end of the day on THURSDAY. Hrit will contact you regarding the students in red about doing a DRA. You do NOT need to DRA students in red by the data meeting.

SPED and Hrit Support- Be flexible- MStep is Upon Us!

Lisa, Cacey, Emilie & Lisa Hrit are starting Mondays and Tuesdays to support 5th grade MSTEP/MiAccess. They will call for groups once the students they are testing are done. The tests are anticipated to take most of the morning for the next 3 weeks on Mondays and Tuesdays. The kids they share with you should be included in all classroom activities. Scheduled morning times may be affected but they will see kids at other times.

Everyone's flexibility is greatly appreciated, as this support team is making sure that IEP and 504 testing requirements are met as well as providing smaller testing environments for some of our most struggling students.

Testing Reminder (same thing as a previous email from MRB)

Interim Assessment Reminders from the Data Team:

  • Testing window begins March 21 and ends April 15.

  • Report card due date is April 21 at 8:00 a.m.

  • Interim tests must be scanned and entered into DnA no later than April 18. Use Firefox to scan.

  • Talk to your Data Team rep if you need assistance.

CPS Reminder

If I am not directly available for you to consult with and you have a valid CPS concern, whenever you are in doubt, make a call.

I don't want you to wait on anything- the best case scenario is that you make a call and it turns out to be nothing, but the worst case scenario is that a call isn't made and one of our students continues to be in a bad situation.

I can't tell you how many times I have made a call and was relieved that there was nothing behind it. My conscience dictated that I had to do something, and in the end, I probably made a family upset, but I would rather do something than not. Hoping nothing is wrong is a strategy we can't employ.

As always, you can call or text me. You will never be penalized for making a call when you are keeping the best interests of your students at the forefront of what you do!

Calling Families in a Timely Manner

Carver and I field a lot of phone calls from parents who have become upset when there is a lack of communication between home and the classroom. We discussed how the frustration behind these phone calls can be alleviated by making sure that communication is timely.

Please make sure that if there is something that is of a pressing nature, that you call (not email, as emails can be misconstrued).

I always take the stance where I think about what I would prefer if it were my child. If something happened where my child was hurt emotionally or physically, I would like a phone call from my child's teacher.

The times when I see parents who are most upset is when something occurred and they didn't hear from the classroom teacher. Sometimes they hear from the office, but are put off when the teacher doesn't also contact home as a courtesy.

When you contact home, it does take some extra time, but you are actually saving yourself time in the long run as well as cultivating a stronger, trusting connection which will ultimately, benefit the student.