Come in, enroll you children here at little rascals daycare

little rascals daycare , come in and enroll you kids were the would love it !

Little rascals daycare is a care school for kids , which help them learn and have fun at the same time , which also would give them ahead start in school , little rascals don't ask for much just to be able to help these children learn while there parents go to work . little rascals and got 7 awards for be the top daycare and the healthiest. so come in today and find out whats its like , we have once a week free day charge !!

Were open 7 days a week

Were will to work long hours for parents that don't get home until late. we also pick up and drop of the children , we have a fare amount of staff , we have available spots if anyone wants to try out . male or female , age 16 and above . so people come in today and we will chuck in a free charge the first time you need us.

Some of our top people

guaranteed money back if you don't like the way we look after your child !

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