Kindergarten Rocks

Mrs. Bequette ~Ms. Dehnke ~Ms. Delaney ~Mrs. Fries

Starting Monday, we are beginning AVID Independence! Part of AVID is personal responsibility and organization. In Kindergarten, this means that your child comes into school each morning independently, and is able to complete their morning responsibilities on their own.

This looks like:

  • Line up on the sidewalk when the bell rings

  • Greet Mrs. Fries at the door and walk into school on their own

  • Do Morning Jobs: hang up backpack and coat, take their folder out of their backpack

  • Greet their teacher as they bring their folder into their classroom

Be PROUD of beginning their school day with responsibility and independence!

We have our Franklin Picnic Thursday, October 10! We hope to see all of you there!

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This is a phonics song that your child hears everyday to work on the letters and sounds the letters make!

Teen numbers can be tricky! The kids love singing this song to help them remember their teen numbers!