the praying manits power

by brandon Estrella


If you are a male praying mantis, the female mantis would attack you. Ask a praying mantis.

You will learn about a praying mantis physical characteristics, food chain, and ecosystem/habitat. I hope you have a great time reading my article.

Physical Characteristics

The praying mantis has many interesting features . The first is camouflage the praying mantis can hide to hunt the prey so prey cannot see the mantis camouflage and he have long legs . the praying mantis colors is green and pink like a flower so like a animal is in the flower like a bee the praying mantis hunt the bee and he sound like a ninja so the praying mantis is quickly see the prey .

food chain

A praying mantis have a cool food chain .so the animal like a bird the bird is no match for a mantis but the bird have a different prey in the food wed a spider attacks the bird the bird have 2 different animal but the spider is a better hunter but the praying mantis is the stronger animal but the prey but the animal eat insect.


A praying mantis lives in the grasslands. Also,it has abiotic factors and biotic factors that live with it.


Now you learn about praying mantis physical characteristics,food chain , ecosystem habitat and do not be scare at the praying mantis.
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