Yttrium Wanted

This element is wanted because...

About Yttrium

This element is named after the town Ytterby in Sweden and was found by the scientist, Johan Gadolin in 1974, but was isolated by Carl Gustav Mosander in 1843. Yttrium is the first rare element to be discovered.

More about Yttrium

-Used in alloys to decrease grain size or add strength

-The greatest use, in the form of yttrium oxide, is in television phosphors

-Another important use of yttrium is in the production to make a special laser used by NASA to measure the dimensions of the asteroid Eros (asteroid 433) and to map its special features

-To make the laser, yttrium is also combines with aluminum and synthetic garnet

-Radioactive yttrium can be used to treat cancer


-A solid at room temperature

-A silvery color

-Melting point: 1,523*C (2,772.6*F)

-Boling point: 3,337*C (6,053*F)

-Reacts slowly with cold water

- Reacts faster with hot water

-Doesn't react with oxygen at room temperature, but does react with oxygen at a higher temperature.

-Might react explosively with hot oxygen while being a powder

No Warning

- This element is NOT harmful

Located and More Facts

-Is found in the Earth's crust and located in rocks on the moon

-Atomic number:39


-Atomic Mass: 88.9059

-A metal

-Row 3

-2nd from top to bottom in the column in row 3

-Transition Metal

About the scientist who found yttrium

-Gadolinium is named after Johan Gadolin

-A Finnish scientist

-Both a chemist and geologist

-Was born in Abo, Finland

-He studied the relationship of heat to chemical changes

-Was fluent in Latin, Finnish, Russian, German, English, and French

-Had 9 children with his wife, Hedvig Tihleman

-Died in Wirmo, Findland on August 15, 1852

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