The American Bobtail

By Bryleigh


Meowwwrrr! Guess who's meow that was? An American Bobtail Cat! These cats are interesting fellows! Cute ones too. <3 They look wild but don't worry, they're not. These cats are Gentle and Sweet. But don't get them mixed up with Bobcats, The American Bobtail is a house pet.

How they look

Long and well built, These cats are pretty popular in the U.S. They weigh about 7 - 15 pounds, and are usually tan, black, brown, orange, and grey. They have a LOOOOONNNNGGGGG coat, not easy to clean up. Also, they live 13 - 15 years. A cat to be with you for a long time!

How They Act!

American Bobtails are kind to kids, new people and dogs. They ~LOVE~ to play with toys but they don't meow a whole lot. They'll be loving care and support when you cry. (especially teenage girls because teenage girls cry too much :D )

How to Care for an American Bobtail

American Bobtail Cats may have a few health issues so make sure it'd be ok to take them to the vet every once in a while. Their long hair takes more effort to groom. And make sure you feed your cat regularly and give them water.


So, Do you know more about the newer breed, the American Bobtail Cat? Their people ~LOVING~ attitude makes them fun and cute. Me-Wow!
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