Anti Bullying assignment

by Stephanie and Jorjia

The different types of bullying

-physical bullying is when the bully makes physical contact with the victim. This can involve pushing, punching, shoving and using other types of physical force against the victim.

-verbal bullying involves face to face comments to the victim. This can include nasty comments like teasing, name calling and using unnecessary language.

-social bullying is when you spread rumors that are not necessarily true and could be hurtful the victim it can also include excluding people from certain friendship groups or not letting new people join in.

-cyber bullying is online bullying this can happen over any form of social media.

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The effects on bullying on your social mental and physical health

-Bullying can affect your mental health as it increases the rate of anxiety,depression and also affects damage to you self esteem.

-Bullying can affect your social health as it affects the way you act around others. It can make you feel as if you are unneeded and as if you don't belong in your friendship group or anywhere.

-Bulling can affect your physical health as it restricts you from participating in sports because you might be scared of what the others will think of you, and can also affect what you do in everyday life-physical action.

Strategies for coping with bullying

A strategy for preventing bullying is to tell an adult, teachers, counselors, doctors, parents and people you trust about the situation, then they may be able to try and fix the problem and stop it from happening once and for all.

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Heath Resources

Some of the health resources you can use if you are a victim of any type of bullying are: Kids helpline- Kids helpline brings in counselors who will listen to you and try and come up with a solution for you problems. Another resource you can use is a helpline called this is a website that explains different ways you can put a stop to being a victim and how to prevent it from happening again.

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Websites to use if you are being bullied

( kids helpline help with your bullying issues as:

  • they bring in counselors that come and talk to you about the situation

  • they explain ways that you can stop being a victim of bullying

  • they listen to you and try to understand the situation you are facing

  • They can clearly tell what type of bullying you are facing

( )- The reach out website can help you if you are a victim of bullying as:

  • Tells you ways to overcome being a victim and a bully

  • It explains why people bully others and what do they gain

  • It states the types of bullying

  • How bullying can affect others around you

  • Explains a clear message of what bullying is