Local Winds and Global Winds

By: Tyler

About Winds

Two winds that come and go are Local Winds and Global Winds. Local winds are convective winds of local origins. Global Winds are are the prevailing wind patterns that blow in constant directions across the earth. Examples from Local Winds is Land breezes and Sea Breezes. Examples from Global Winds is the Wind Belts which is from the poles to the equator, The Easterlies. The Trade Winds, are the Westerlies.

examples of Pictures of Local and Global wind, Than Land Breeze and Sea Breeze

Land Breeze and Sea Breeze

Whenever there is a cool air on land and there is warm air over the water, that is called a Land Breezes. Whenever there is warm air on the land and there is cool air over the ocean, that is a Sea Breeze. The Sea Breezes happen during the day and Land Breezes happen during the night.