The Roaring 20's

Oct 9, 1922 $0.50

The Death Of The Great Gatsby

There was a Homicide, suicide committed down Long island at Jay Gatsby Mansion around six in the even. Jay Gatsby was shot by George Wilson in his own mansion and then turn the gun on his self, then committed suicide. There are Reason to believe that Gatsby Did a hit and run and killed Mr. Wilson wife the day before he was killed. Several people spotted Mr. Gatsby car fleeing the murder seen. People Believe that George took matter in to his own hand after the death of his wife. Gatsby father name was Henry C. Gatsby and his mom name was unknown. He grow up as a poor young boy he also ran away from home because he didnt like the fact that he was poor. The Great Gatsby was a young trillionaire, Threw wild parties and causal evens for the rich and poor.. But Where did this money come from ? Jay Gatsby was a bootlegger. Know by other Hustler in the city of New York. This business was his main business approximately 4 and half years. Took him 3 years to get his house.